Art vs. Heart

When it comes to wanting to be a doctor, it’s… not as easy as it seems. My parents aren’t thrilled. My mom is happy and supportive but…

It’s not exactly what people think when they see me drawing for the first time:

“Did you draw that? I can hardly draw a stick figure!”

“I wish I could draw like you can.*insert a wistful sigh here*”

“Do you take art in school?”

“Do you want to be an artist?”

“Please don’t let such wonderful talent to to waste!”

And on and on. These are only a few of the comments I receive on a regular basis.

And I hate




Don’t get me wrong, I love to draw. I enjoy putting myself out there in a very creative way. Whether it be drawing, or painting, or even onstage acting or the occasional singing. I love writing what my best friend, and some other writer-friends call “Allie’s Observations”. Basically my thoughts on the world around me seen through the lens of my poetic mind. I do like doing those things. They give me almost the essence of creative freedom running happy and rampid inside my head, making a general mess, but a very nice, chaotic good mess. It’s got a tantalizing sense of freedom to it.

But you see, this seems to become a problem when you have a creative talent, but have absolutely no intention of perusing. Especially not when the subject in question wants to oh so SADLY and DISASTROUSLY give up their *OBVIOUS* passion for the creative in exchange for such a “boring” and “mundane” job of being a doctor, if only, and especially “just for the money”.

Well, here. Let me tell you a bit of something about myself.

If I wanted to be an artist, you better believe that is what I would work on becoming. Art school and all. Where I feel GOD is leading me, that is where I will head.

Let me tell you a second thing about me.

I like to draw, I love art and to create and make art.

However. Drawing and design is not my passion.

You know what is?


Yes, hearts. Those kinda gross, blood-filled muscles inside our chests that circulate our blood with rhythmic expansion and contraction. That we so often associate with doctors and hospitals and things. It’s something we don’t think about, take for granted even. Something so simple and mundane that no one takes notice

But you see? That’s the beauty in it.

As beautiful to me as the famed Starry Night painting or the Mona Lisa in the Louvre. Each beat fascinates me to no end. Each little flaw and defect and difference is so… oddly awesome to me, in the literal sense. The cardiovascular system *is* art to me. Art and music and sculpture and design. And to be a keeper of that? Something so common yet unique?

If you saw me draw, and asked me if I was going to be an artist I would say no, but would the priers be so much happier if I was going to say after that ‘I’m planning on being a preserver and restorer of some of the finest art in unique environments.’ instead of ‘no, sorry, I’m planning on being a doctor’? Would they be happier if I phrased it in a manner that sounded poetic and artsy?

In our day and age, being a doctor is commendable. It’s something that all parents can be proud of, especially if their kid wants to go into such a prestigious field as cardiology. Being a doctor is one of the most needed professions in the whole world, and something everyone values in their time of need. A doctor means you’re smart, ambitious, and not to mention, very well paid.

But, you see, this only works if you’re not artistic.  Psh, you can draw? You can paint? Heaven FORBID you have a talent for writing and you want to be a doctor? Are you nuts? It’s your parents fault, isn’t it? What a shame, letting all that precious talent fall to to waste.

This is the only time when people care that I, or anyone, doesn’t want to be an artist. If I went around saying that I wanted to follow that path, I would be discouraged.

You know why?

Because artist are poor, unless you hit it big, you’re not going to be making enough to support yourself. But, yet, here are all these people tutting under their breath at me wanting to pursue something I love with all my, well, heart.

Today, money doesn’t matter until it does. ‘Get a real job’ society cries at artists of all fashions, ‘that won’t make you any money.” But, yet, the same people turn around and look at people who have a “real job” (or want to) and tisk at them for not following their creativity if they have such a talent.

So what even do such people want?

Really? Nothing but to be snooty.

Because when we all slow down and stop blaming random people, all it takes is a little rewording, and all of the sudden; and artist and a doctor are the same thing. The neurologist and the painter, the surgeon and the sculptor, the cardiologist and the musician. All of the sudden they’re the same.

What’s so wrong with loving to draw like I do?

What’s so wrong with being so efferently passionate about hearts as I am?


The war is not between Art and Medicine.

It’s just about society. About what they want you to do. They decide who you are and what you become.

So don’t let them.

No matter what I say I want to be I find myself judged for my choices. This is not a battle for one of the other.

It’s a rebellion.

Join the cause.

Be who you were made to be.


What did you guys think? ^-^ Leave your thoughts down in the comments. Also, I’m thinking of calling these type of heart-related posts  “Of Stardust Veins” and maybe some more Aesthetic-like ones “Of Rainy Days”? Let me know your thoughts on that too. ^-^

Until Friday!


4 thoughts on “Art vs. Heart

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  1. As an artist who’s secondary passions are for the sciences, I say: go for it!
    Having the desire to be a keeper of hearts is a valuable thing, and I pray you will become one one day. To have a passion of any sort, is one to be considered, and well thought over. Many people, however, mistake talent or affinity for an automatic choice.
    I wish to study the stars, not so that I can become an astronaut or work in the sciences, but because it’s something I’m passionate about.
    My desire, however, is to be an artist.

    So go for it girl. Become a ‘Preserver and Restorer’ of hearts 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. My primary passion is psychology, actually ^-^ the way you feel about hearts is the way I feel about the mind. How people function and how I can help them. Writing comes second, and that doesn’t make me any less of a writer.

    Great thoughts, lovely. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This is beautiful!! What a fresh way to show the art of being a doctor. Sorry to hear about what little encouragement you get from those around you. You can do this!!

    Liked by 1 person

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