The Night We Love

Today’s post is one written in a far more poetic style than the first two. You might actually might want to get used to this kind of wording. XD It was actually written down a while ago, March 30th in fact, in a new journal of mine. It was basically my thoughts at the time and I wanted to share it with you all. ^-^

So, please sit back, relax, and enjoy my (midnight) thoughts on the night-time.


It’s the nights we love, even when we overlook them.

It’s the peace of the darkest hours after the business of our lives. It’s those moments when we sit down on our bed in our most comfortable clothes, sighing, because our day is over and our hearts can beat contentedly within our chests knowing that they can rest softly and attempt to comfort us from the inside. It’s the time of day of late ideas, epiphanies, stargazing, and of sweet lavender. Of softness and peace and dreams. We leave our final mark on the day and then drift off into oblivion to let our minds take us for a ride into places we’ve never been and certainly may never return.

We look up into our velvet sky and pick out glimmering, star-made patterns. We name them celestial names and teach them to our later generations, Forgetting that these diamonds are mere specs in the Night’s great gown as it covers the sky with it’s great draperies and folds.

The night is for late reading of beautiful books of far-off places. For writers and authors  to jot down their worlds and their beating heart’s inkblood into precious, fleeting words. To hopefully one day sway and change a civilization into seeing the world as they do.

It’s the night when we think and when we reason and when we see some part of all that there is to see inside of our own minds.  It is the night-time when we have our greatest adventures and our most treasured memories of friends and family. It is the night when we hold our greatest, elegant balls and most lovely of dances. Fitting so, as it is the only time of day that arrives with potent color and dies with the same spectacular explosion of  of pale, pearlescent rainbow hues that decorate our sky and bring a new day or end it.

For is the night when all goes quiet and we left with our thoughts, our inner worlds and our own heads. For in the nighttime all is made clear and laughter and in song and and reason. After all, it is the night that makes us remember what it is like for the brilliant light of the day to wash over us and warm our skin and color our hair and freckle our faces.

For though the night is dark it reminds us yet! there is still light for those who care to look.


Sorry about the inevitable grammar issues, (That is unfortunately, what you get when you attempt to use the voice typing extension on your computer, lol) but I hope you enjoyed my thoughts through all the weird comma placements. ;P

~ Of Rainy Days


2 thoughts on “The Night We Love

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  1. Hey! It’s Dusk! I love your posts and writing style – there are so few people who see the world for even a fraction of its God-reflecting glory and enchantment and it fills me with delight to find a kindred spirit. Your unique passions are SO.COOL and I’m so glad that you’re sharing them with us. I don’t often find people with your passion for hearts and the careful, exquisite design of the human body and it brings me to wonder as I see the world through your lenses for even a moment or two. Keep writing and I’m excited to keep reading ^_^

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