As Christ We Are

A few months ago I went to summer camp. The first one I go to in the summer, and the one without my best friend (the other one will undoubtedly come up). At the end of the week my counselor, who is my current favourite to date,  layed out some mini-devos books out on the rug of the cabin and told us to take as many as we like. I took one or two (okay, maybe seven).  However, when I got home I was shocked that I somehow had one in my possession that I distinctly recall setting in my ‘Under No Circumstances Will I Read This’ pile.

Oh how God works in mysterious ways,

This particular devotion was entitled ‘Feel’. Oh the ironic nature of such a devotional coming into my possession. I took the offender and plopped it on my side table of mess in hopes it would be forgotten and get lost. Of course, that would not make a very nice blog post, would it. 😉

This morning (Sunday) I was in my room trying to decide what to wear, when the still not lost booklet caught my eye. I decided on a whim to open it and flip through it. In this process, something caught my eye, a sentence fragment or whatever you want to call it,  shook me in a way I hadn’t even thought about.

“Our God feels deeply. He passionately loves us…”

‘Feels deeplyPassionately… Our passionate God…’ As these thoughts ran through my head, rooting me to my spot in my messy room. I’d heard these words as a descriptor before. Not of God (though, they are amazingly true and ^-^!), but of myself. Friends of mine have told me over and over that I am a very passionate person as well as a quite deep feeler, and that those two often go hand in hand inside myself (just see my love and passion for cardiology, heh o-o). I always condemned these things inside of me, because they never made sense. But when I read those few sentences, pshew, it struck me. Because we, as God’s beautiful creation, are made in His image. We all have attributes of God that He has placed in us as gifts. And, just like that, something that I had always regard as a curse, suddenly became a blessing. Because, somehow, God picked me as the lowly human to bear a heart like His. A deep-feeling, passionate heart. And if that doesn’t make me smile to know that I have God’s heart beating deep within the machine that is me, I suppose nothing could.

And the perfect cherry on top is that this isn’t the only gift of God I bear. And, even better, I’m not the only one that God has given pieces of Himself. We are all made in God’s image. Not just Allie and Bob and Jill over here, but all of us. Every last person. We all carry attributes of God and God’s heart within ourselves, even if at first they seem like curses.

God has given you a piece of His heart.

Isn’t that just beautiful?

~ Allie


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  1. I’ve never thought of it that way, that we all have pieces of His heart, or carry attributes like His. I mean, it makes sense! I’ve just never thought about it this way before.

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