A concept:

The world around you is quiet. All you hear is your breathing and the soft breeze. They almost blend together. The tall grass of a field rimmed in towering green oaks. You feel safe.

A butterfly lights on your arm. Two. Three. One on the top of your head, and one, finally on the tip of your nose. It flaps it’s wings and you could swear you hear it giggle before it spreads it’s wings and takes to the skies. A million butterflies follow it. Turning into tiny wisps the higher they fly. One stays. It alights on your fingertips, showing off it’s wing’s rainbow hues. You find your heart is lightened as it too flies off, taking your cares with it. The tips of your fingers trail in the grass as you spin, a laugh bubbling up in your throat. A soft grin spreading on your face.

You have no darkness, no fear, no sadness. But you find can take it back whenever you like.

For now, just look at the butterflies.


Hey-o! Sorry I’ve been gone for the past two weeks. D: I had some issues that I needed to work out that sucked all my opportunities away down a little hole. D:
Anyway, this post was inspired more or less by this pin that I love so much. ^-^ I kind of wanted to write something heart-related today, but I suppose that’ll have to wait until Friday.

Until then!

~Rainy Days


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