Preptober Prompts Day One: Things My Character is Grateful For.

Today’s prompt by the lovely R. M. Archer is “List 10 things your Main Character is grateful for”.

Now, I know I haven’t chosen a novel of mine yet, but for some reason my friends thought I was doing my “The Day the Sun Caught Fire”, the first book in a trilogy I’m working on. The MCs is a Riley Grey, a human guy about the age of 15-16. He’s kinda sad, quiet lonely, and has a wandering heart. His story revolves around him running from a subordinate of the man overarching villain with his good ol’ BFF Arizona. (the girl, not the state 😉 ).

Anyway, enjoy ten things Riley is grateful for:

  1. Arizona, his best friend. Despite being a year older than him, the two shared many classes in school and in a classic case in extrovert adopting introvert, the two were fast friends.
  2. Macy, the tiny crocheted octopus formerly owned by his sister. Gives him peace and comfort in times of trial or fear. Speaking of his sister…
  3. Mara, his younger sister. Though she’s passed on now from a fire in their home (along with the rest of her family, minus Riley), he remembers her very fondly and she holds and eternal special place in his heart.
  4. Pancakes. Self explanatory. 😉
  5. The night and the stars, he loves going outside and night and finding peace in the darkness and quiet. Even just when he’s in small diners at midnight or a gas station buying a coffee to stay awake, the hours between 9pm-5am are his favourite.
  6. Swimming and pools. It’s his sport of choice and allows him to detach from the world and his thoughts for a while.
  7. Little handmade things, like Macy, his journals, and small things he finds in little craft stores on the artisan side of NYC where he’s from.
  8. Books. Riley likes to read, basically for the same reason is swimming. It’s an escape, but this time, to another world. Especially Mara’s old journals with their stories, poetry, and thoughts.
  9. As much as he likes the night, he is also grateful for the light in the world. The daylight, the moonlight, streetlights, even the light you find in people, he cherishes it.
  10. And, most importantly, music. It flows in his veins practically, and he’s always humming something if he doesn’t have headphones in. A particular fan of musicals, Owl City, and lesser-known bands. He wouldn’t be caught dead without his ipod and earbuds.


So yeah! That’s Riley’s little loves. ^-^ I look forward to you all getting to know him and his story.

Until tomorrow for my reaction to Tuesday’s (today’s -_- , sorry guys) prompt!



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