Hello lovelies! I apologize for yet another week without posts. Last week was exhausting, and I know it’s no excuse not to post, but I’ll make it up to you I promise.

Anyway, the month of October has come, and with it, the promised business. October is prepping month for the upcoming Nanowrimo in November, and, no I haven’t chosen a novel yet to work on. 😛 But despite that undecidedness, I am collaborating with three other bloggers to bring you a full month of fall themed preparatory prompts to get you in the noveling spirit (and the spirit of the season 😉 ). If you haven’t already, go check out R. M. ArcherOzark Mountain Cailins, and Wildflowers and Cosmic Tea to keep up to date on all the magic that is the fall writing season. They are in weekly order by prompt postage (I think).

Every week this month each different blog is hosting a full week (excluding Sundays) of writing prompt goodness to get your creative juices flowing. I will be hosing the final weeks Flash Fiction category, so stay tuned for those coming your way! The current blogger is R. M. Archer with her character prompts. I have a weak spot for my charries so I can’t wait to get those underway. I know today is Tuesday and I missed a day, but hey! I’ll post yesterday’s here anyway and you get to see today’s tomorrow. (her posts go up a little after mine do) So, yes! You do get two posts today! (see, I told you I’d make it up to you. )


*For any of my people who aren’t writers, I apologize for the super writiness that is going to be the next few months. There will be some of my “normal” content (observations, rants, commentary, even a book review is in the works for this month), but it will be very writing heavy. But maybe it’ll inspire you to start something! Who knows.


Happy Tuesday! ^-^



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  1. Being exhausted is a totally valid reason to not post. Self-care should come first. You’re no good to the blogging world if you die of exhaustion anyway.
    I’m looking forward to seeing your prompt responses. ^-^

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