Preptober Prompts Days 3-6

Yes, they’re here, my reactions to the remainder of R.M. Archer’s week of prompts. I’ve really enjoyed these, and I hope you have to if you’re doing Preptober along with me!
Anyway, onto what you clicked onto this post for!

Day 3 – Does your main character have any fall traditions?

Making caramel apples with his families, started by his second adopted family, and now he just loves them. Also eating pumpkin pancakes at his closest diner, or making them if he has no other option. (the always come out badly, he has very poor cooking skills. XD)

Day 4 – Pick one of your side characters. How do they feel about fall? 

Let’s go with Arizona, Riley’s best friend. I think she likes fall. It’s not her favourite season, no, that would be summer, but she enjoys the sweet treats and candy that’s on sale.

Day 5 – What is your antagonists’s favourite thing about fall?

So that would be this guy named Katastro, he’s the antagonist and a subordinate to my overarching villain for many of my books/series. I guess his favourite thing about fall would have to be Halloween. He’s a creature of darkness (literally) and destruction, so the idea of a holiday around darkness and creepy things is the only joy he can find. That and the days get shorter, so more nighttime for him to lurk in.

Day 6 – What is your main character’s favourite fall memory?

Riley’s favourite fall memory is the first fall he spent with Mara in NY. One Saturday, Mara (and her parents, of course) dragged him out of the house and took him to a small town outside of the city where they usually spend Christmas. It was cool and beautiful and they went on hikes in the mountains and went to some of the cute little shops. It’s where Riley got his favourite soft flannel shirt and Mara got Macy. He still keeps leaves in his journal from that day. He had his first take of hot, homemade apple cider and pumpkin pastries due to a lovely Amish store that makes the best foodstuffs and hand made journals and crafts. He loves to think back on that day, the he learned to love.


And the end! 😀 See you next week Tuesday for Ozark Mountain Callins’ week of descriptory prompts!

Have a great Sunday!



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