Preptober Prompts: Wk.2 days 1-2

Ahhhhhhhhhh *runs around screaming* It’sTuesdaymorningandIthoughtyesterdaywasSaturdaysonowit’slike8amandIhavetocomeupwithsomeinggggggD:

Sorry guys this is late, but I literally JUST remembered it was Tuesday because I thought it was Monday and XP. So here, have a quick post before this thing is super lateeee. ;P

Anywayyy, today starts my documentation of Week Two 😀 of the Preptober Prompts, which are some of the ones I’m most excited for, the description prompts! This week it’s Ozark Mountain Cailin’s turn to host them, so go check her out like you did last week with R. M. Archer for the prompts! Any now, onto my responses!

Day 1 – Describe a prefect autumn day using all five senses.

A perfect autumn day would feel like softness. Not like blankets like the whiteness of the snow in winter, but the kind of peace that comes with the ending of the blazing summer sun. It is also crisp, like the sound apples make when you toss them hand to hand waiting for your classmates to begin the history review, and the sound that comes from under your feet when you go out of your way to get that crunch out of a leaf. With the air feeling like it stands at attention, brushing against your skin like the stiff taffeta of your homecoming dress. It would feel like worn flannel and cozy tee shirts.

It would smell like a cafe. Not a bakery like Christmas, but a cafe. Turning out it’s classic autumn pastries in pumpkin, apples, caramel and pecans. The warmth of the smell invites you in to pause for a minute in the haste the autumnal season brings back to your life. It teases your mind to reach out and exchange money for a warmth in our hands from a hot tea or coffee and an apple treat to take with your on your walk down old town.

It would taste like it smells. Like warm apple cider and cinnamon and vanilla. Like apple crisp and pumpkin pancakes with whipped cream and caramel and chocolate. Like maple iced coffee and large, hot chi teas.

It would sound like light wind outside when you know you’re warm inside. It would echo with the sound of your favourite book pages turning as you adjust your blanket. With the quiet crunch of leaves from outside. It would be filled with laughter and peace. It would sound like music, but the kind of music a quiet heart sings when happy and content. Like a peaceful heartbeat of the season.

What it would look like is unimportant in it’s importance, for what is autumn without red and golds and purples of leaves? What is it without early nights and twinkling stars that peek out from their new formation in this pre-winter sky? What would it be without pumpkin patches and fading twilight? Autumn’s perfect day visually is a trick formula that can either happen every day it breaths, or never happen for three seasons. For the leaves have to fade just so, yet cover the ground in a crunchy layer. For sometimes the sights make Autumn, and sometimes, they are but unimportant when you have your nose buried in your book, sitting under a perfectly watercolor painted tree in a small cafe in old town, enjoying simply your drink.

Yeah, that one was fun. 😉 Onward to today’s! 😀

Day 2 – Describe your character’s favourite Autumn outfit using as many senses as you can.

Riley’s favourite autumn outfit smells like cedar and dust and musty old books like quiet shops and old, forgotten sections of libraries and museums. I don’t know why someone would choose to lick clothes, but I suppose it would taste like dust. And cloth, and detergent. (Yeah, I don’t recommend tasting your clothes, guys. What we’re y’all expecting, honestly? D: Don’t go around licking your tee shirts, come on.) It feels soft and warm, like hugs from his favourite people, like the envelopment of the water when you first dive in. It doesn’t sound like much, it’s designed to be quiet, to blend into the background of the season, but there is the occasional creak of leather, rustle of fabric, and the heavy fall of his boots on the concrete, crunching leaves and kicking stones. The outfit itself is a soft red and black flannel shirt over a worn band (Owl City) tee shirt, a nice pair of dark denim jeans, and brown combat boots or white tennis shoes. When it gets really chilly he’ll reach for his black thrift-store leather jacket and a grey scarf.


Boy, these were hard ones, but I had so, so much fun. Aw, cute Riley in his soft flannels and band tee shirts. 😉

Anyway, have a lovely Tuesday, see you all Friday for a cool description of the sky!



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