Oh, But the Sky! (an observation)

I wrote this a while ago, but I’m still crazy-proud of it. ^-^ There are three others in the sequence of this one, and actually, this isn’t the first one, but I figured posting on the sky would be the best option for the first one. XD If this goes over well, I might put up the other three, so if you like it, let me know down in the comments. ^-^


And what is the sky?

It’s infinite blue nature as it spirals up and up above our heads. As it dances on clouds like paint from a master’s brush in brilliant pale pinks and vivid oranges and elusive gentile purples only other found in the soft petals of flowers that coat the forest floors in fantasy worlds.

The sky that contains all the majesties of the creation, that contains all the music and all the beauty and all the paintings that have ever been painted and ever will be painted will never rival the unmatched, unsayable beauty that is the heavens.

The sunrise; that takes the dark, coldness of the predawn and chases it away with golds and pinks like those of little girls dresses. With lilacs and violets, and periwinkles you see in a fabrics shop and made into dresses for the most beautiful of the queens. With tender oranges blended with yellows to change the hidden clouds into gemstones of citrine and topaz and diamond to refract the light into glorious prisms that tell the whole world to awaken and come alive into a glorious new day.

The sunset, with it’s burning fires of reds and oranges and hot pinks like bubbly girls’ lipstick on a sweet spring day, that set the clouds ablaze as if they were caught in a fire of a singing summer camp’s gathering. As if it were masterfully crafted to take your breath and carry it away on a light, warm breeze to stir the hair of the friends by the lakeside and the needles of the nearby grand pines, standing tall as if to guard memories created at their watchful gaze. As the sun seems to melt into mirror-like ocean waves and leave a last warm kiss on the world like a promise, that it will indeed soon return with the crystalline dew of the morning.

And the patient, quiet night, the most steadfast and admirable of them all. Every single minute after the sun traces its everlasting path across the world, it leaves the liquid silvery dark night in its wake. Whilst the people sleep the sky puts on her best evening gown, the one made of black and navy blue satin and velvet. The stretch of darkness broken with tiny flecks of light, a window into worlds beyond our own. A portal into the majesties of the rest of the created universe. A way to observe the nebulas of colour and the galaxies of other planets like this one, other suns like the one that cats her warmth across the faces of her planet’s inhabitants. The suns are night’s jewels, her diamonds and her glitter. And the moon is but part of the inner workings of the cosmos’ great clock that ticks around us and sets our sky in motion.

So, I plead for an answer, what is the sky?


Oooh. ^-^ So pretty. Anyway, I hope you liked it! The other three in the sequence are What are HeartsWhat are Words, and What are Dreams. That last one may or may not have a ton of The Greatest Showman references in it…
So! If you would like to see another one, tell me down below, and maybe which one you would like to see?

Have a dream-filled Friday!

~Of Rainy Days


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