Pretober Prompts: Wk. 2 Remainder and A Quick Notice.

Happy Sunday All! ^-^

Just so everyone knows, next weekend I’ll be out of town. So I’ll hopefully get everything scheduled in time to send it all out/get it scheduled ahead of time. If I don’t, those will come out on Monday and Tuesday of the following week, along with my week of prompts, so you’ll get FOUR posts in two days! ;D But hopefully I’ll get everything ready to go before I leave on Friday.

Anyway, onto what you’re really here for! 😉 This week was so much fun, and really inspired me. This will be a long post, but it’s packed full of me exercizing my favourite poetic/descriptory muscles.

Day 3 – Describe a coffee shop using all five senses.

When you walk in it is warm and welcoming, so different from the stiff air and chilled wind outside it’s doors. It hugs your skin and refreshes your tired mind. The bells on the door tinkle softly as the smells of coffee and baking sweets are inhaled into your lungs as to take an unconscious deep breath to bring all the perfection into your body. You smile, the air tastes like cinnamon and vanilla as you set your eyes on the chalk board to pick your treats. There is quiet laughter in the background mingling with the sounds of clicking keyboards as lithe fingers make them sing. There is the two girls in the corner reading their thick books, the pages making their soft sounds as they turn. The coffee house cat comes and rubs against your ankles, purring.

You pick up your order, it’s warm in your hands and you inhale the smells coming from your mug, smiling as your take a sip and the sweet taste of the chocolate and cinnamon making your tasebuds dance and your eyes light with a smile. You sit down on a chair, it’s cool, but the fireplace is warm. The smoothness of the book cover of the novel you take out of your bag makes you smile with promise of adventure.

Day 4 – Describe your favourite autumn activity without using the name or any of the variants. 

All is quiet as I sit curled up in a chair, eyes glued to what I hold in my hands. My eyes dance over the words, the scenes fill my mind with worlds and people. I laugh softly at the characters as I turn the page. I reach for my tea, it’s warm in my hands. I’m careful not to let it drip.

I am cozy.

Day 5 – Describe your character’s world using all five senses. 

It’s fast, the scenery flies by. The car smells like cigarettes and leather and gasoline. Maybe making a random car run wasn’t a pleasant experience for the nose. But seeing the US was worth it.

It was dark, it was always dark when they traveled, the night filled with sounds of crickets and breezes, and with the top down, wind whipped their hair into their faces. The long road smelled like tar and asphalt, the smells of the grasslands seeped into Riley’s lungs. He picks up a now-cold burger from a Wendy’s and takes a bite, handing the fries to Ari. The moon makes the Desert sands shimmer with mirages, as eeriy howls echo from the woods.

This is the highway. This is Riley’s world.

Day 6 – Describe the local library using all five senses. 

The first thing when you walk in is the smell of books. It’s a library, what else? The doors to the inside whir open and I take a deep breath. The phone rings and a librarian picks it up. There is a woman at the information desk asking for a study room, I hear her conversation over the beeping of the little girl checking out books at the counter. The whole place feels quiet, but buzzes against your skin with the tingle of other worlds, like somehow by walking through the doors you walked into a portal. There is a vague taste of dust and adventure. (IDK guys, how would you taste a library? Lick a book? The carpet? The shelf? All very bad ideas. You might get a papercut. Don’t do it guys, it’s probably a worse idea than licking your shirts)

A kid screams and a mom hushes him as my fingers trail over the combination of worn covers and plastic book sleeves, looking for the next book in my series.  I smile as the book I seek comes into view. The cover crinkles as I pull it off the shelf.

The library is lovely.


So yeah! That concludes today’s, and this week’s, posts. Next week it’s Wildflowers and Cosmic Tea hosting the prompt week! So go check her out tomorrow 🙂 ^-^ The two of us, like myself and R. M. Archer, and good friends and she’s so lovely, I hope you enjoy her week of Nano Prep prompts. 🙂

See you all Tuesday!


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