Preptober Week 3!

Can you believe it? It’s already the third week of October. And with a new week comes a new set of prompts. ^-^ This week, we have the lovely Leila over at Wildflowers and Cosmic Tea with her Nano prep prompts. Also, I apologize for this being late (again), but, hey! at least it’s here, right?

Like before, this will go in the previous week’s fashion, but this week, all of my posts are backlogged, so I won’t get to see your comments until next week, so I apologize ahead of time. D:

Also, for this week, I will secondly be doing my other story that I will be doing for Nano: Sigma. This story takes place in my major worldbuilding world, Esrion, in the capital city of Aabelle: Tarsa. It’s follows Emryn Glaine, daughter of the dark Prince Aelic’s captain of the guard, as she tries to regain her memories of what exactly led to her death sentence and torture for treason. In this story we also meet Nori Michaelson, the gentle, friendly, healer’s apprentice and best best friend to Emryn; Peony, Nori’s fashion-obsessed sister (think Iko from The Lunar Chronicles); and Peony’s Garenian maid Martha. It is the first book in its series: the Falling Princes Trilogy. (I’ll try not to give away any spoilers as I have some avid readers of it following my blog. ;))

Day 1- How do your characters celebrate fall?

The first part of Sigma does take place during the Aabellen autumnal cycle. The season and its celebrations aren’t explored much in the book, however, so we’ll look to the world. Traditionally, fall is celebrated with a festival: The Festival of Harvests. In times gone by, this was celebrated as a thanks to the pagan gods of harvest, bounty and rain. Since the kingdom now mostly worships Elyon (Their name for the Christian God, i.e., my God and the true God) it’s now just a traditional holiday like Thanksgiving in the US. It’s celebrated with a parade and feasting. It’s a three-day holiday and starts on the day after the first grain harvests. This holiday is not celebrated in the book. At least, there are no plans for it yet.

As far as the history between Emryn and Nori goes, aside from attending the festival together they would always sneak away from their duties in their homes, take a few horses, and go explore the old ruins in the hills and forests, mapping out a new ruin for each year. This I do hope to include in the story. (^-^ because how cute is that, seriously??)

For Riley, well, this has more or less been mentioned in one of my characters posts. you can find the links to that here: Answer You’re Looking For ;D

Day 2- Outline a scene incorporating your favourite part of fall.

*rubs back of neck* To be honest? I’ve never outlined a scene before. I, um, don’t know how. So GUESS what? 😀 You get a scene (okay, two) instead. ;D Yay.

  I blinked up at Nori as he held two mugs of steaming brown liquid. I recognized the smell. Like spice, and sweetness, and earth. My lips drew up into a smile, sensing the pride and excitement flowing from Nori as he smiled nervously down at me from his unfairly tall height.

  “What do you have there?” I was still getting used to the ease of speech I held. It had only been a few months ago that my speech was nothing more than moans and whimpers of agony, and flighty, choppy words when my lungs could fill with breath.
  “It’s called Cava. You used to like it before the trial. Careful, it’s hot.” He handed me a mug, took a seat in the plush chair next to mine, and picked up the book he had been reading from the table.

  I took the mug into my hands. It felt good, warm against my palms. The smell filled my lungs and my smile grew wider. This was familiar and good. I felt my heart beat quickly in excitement, as if it remembered and I didn’t. Nori’s hand brushed against mine, drawing my eyes to his. They filled with hope and the familiar question: Do you know this?

  I nodded.

  Nori grinned. “You always insisted on having Cava this time of year.”

  I cocked my head. “You never cared for it, did you? “

  Nori laughed. “I was hoping you would forget that little detail.” He smiled his signature soft, dimpled smile. “Go on, take a sip.”

  So I did. It tasted like it smelled, a little more bitter, but with something that tasted like chocolate.

  “This is good.”

  Nori grinned. “I knew you’d like it.” He picked up his book with the cover, I noticed, strangely hidden. He reads a lot of books like that, always with an air of suspicion and worry about him, but he seems to enjoy them nevertheless so I let him be about it.

  “Let’s just read.”

  I smiled too. “Yes, let’s.” I opened my own book and wandered into its worlds.


  The library smelled of old books and dusty carpet as Riley sat snug in the corner of a couch. He had never liked libraries. One stray thought and the whole thing would turn into some of the worst kindling imaginable. Other than, you know.


  But Riley tried to ignore that and get lost in the peace of the air and the adventure in his hands. Never mind that he wouldn’t be able to finish it today, or ever return to it. For now, this was all that mattered.

  Ari plopped down on the couch next to him with her own book. He glanced up in curiosity. “Icons” was the title.

  “I never thought I’d get Ari to read.” Riley thought, amusement tickling the corners of his mouth, as if daring them to come up into a smile.

  “What are you lookin’ at?” She smacked Riley on the shoulder and leaned against him to read.

  Riley shook his head. Forget just books and his own little world being all that mattered. Ari. Ari mattered too. The only one left in the whole world not frightened by his fires, for one was lit inside her, too, that always rose to meet his.

  The darkness is never quite so bad when you share it with someone else.

  Riley gave into the soft grin and went back to his book.


Awww. Cute charactersss. ^-^ I love them so much. Also, Cava is the Esrion version of coffee. It comes from the island nation Oya Baer and is often mixed with chocolate and cream to dull some of it’s bitterness. It’s Emryn’s favourite drink. Fun fact for you all. ;D 

Anyway, sorry this is wayy late, this has been a crazy and confusing week. But this is going up now, and that’s what matters. XD

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


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