Preptober Prompts Wk. 3 Days 3-6

Happy Sunday you all! If all goes well, you’re reading this on Sunday morning (or afternoon) with a nice cup of tea cozy that you don’t have school/work today. If all goes poorly, it’s Monday and this didn’t get logged in time.
So I really hope it’s Sunday. XD

Starting tomorrow is my week of flash fiction prompts! I’ve been looking forward to them and can’t wait to get them out to you guys! ^-^ I’m so excited.

With no further ado, onto the rest of the week three prompts!

Day 3 – How does the following image make you feel? Plan out to use those feelings in your story.:

Wonder. Like I’m looking up at great ancients and deep worlds. Like the things above my head could tell me so many things. Like how God reveals Himself to you for the first time and all you can do is say ‘Wow…’  Mixed with little bit of a sense of falling. Like I’m looking down into a great big abyss into which my heart is dropping and taking my stomach along with it. Like I’m swinging in my local park and I reach the apex of my swing and am about to fall back, but for this one moment, I can touch the sky and look up into the pure beauty and joy that fills my mind and heart.


Sigma:  Emryn is a stunning character. She sees the world with a child’s eyes, almost. With wonder and poetry and beauty. Every colour is noticed, every light ray and tint illuminated in her mind. We don’t really see fall or wonder in her world, but you see it in her descriptions and in her happenings. I hope to really weave awe through her view, not just in one certain spot. She’s seeing the world again for the first time, let her drink it all in.

The Day the Sun Caught Fire: Riley’s world is one of fear. We don’t really see much awe in his story, but I hope to bring it to his attention though memories and Ari. Riley has a unique view of the world as well, bringing new insights and crazy, fear-filled observations of his surroundings. I hope to have him feel awe for the first time. Not in big ways, but in little things. In the twinkle of the stars and the milky way when traveling through the great plains, in the gentleness and almost mom-like care that Ari shows him. The first time he uses his powers for good. (he’s a pyrokenitic or he can manipulate and create fire) In quiet small places like finding a 20 under the seat of a car or in a pretty butterfly. I want to see Riley feel and experience good things with awe.

Day 4 – Are there any fall-related superstitions in your character’s culture?

Sigma: Yes! In their culture, the fall season has a lot of old wives tales surrounding it. Like, if the leaves ever are all red on the same day, blood has been spilt and ghosts will walk the kingdom. There is also the superstition revolving around ruins, that if you’re there after dark, the spirits will rise up and re-animate their old bones and drag you down with them. They are only malicious in the fall, however, in the spring, they are supposedly friendly. Then there’s the ceder nightlily. An elvin herb rumored to have magic healing abilities in it’s silvery-cream blossoms. It only blooms in the fall and can only be found at old Elvin fortresses and towns, back when the races of Esrion fought against each other. They say it is the key to the Elves longevity and power.

The Day the Sun Caught Fire: Well… this story takes place in modern day America, so, none but the ones we already have. Now, Riley is not superstitious, but Ari can be.

Day 5 – Does fall effect the plot of you story?

Sigma: Yes. Though it’s only implied, during the first half of Sigma, it’s fall. Emryn uses the colours of the trees and her surroundings to describe both her and other people’s emotions. The decay of the world also helps to mimic the falling of the kingdom, which is essential to the plot.

The Day the Sun Caught Fire: Not really. Most of the story takes place in the summer, and when it does turn fall they’re in the middle of the US, and it gets mostly passed over. Though the cold dues spur them on faster in their trip.


So yeah! There are the last few prompts for you guys! ^-^ I’m very excited because next week is my week to host the prompts and the first one of those comes out tomorrow. I really hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

See you tomorrow. 🙂


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  1. Your descriptions in this post are so beautiful. They made me smile. ^-^
    I can’t wait to see more of Sigma and that world. 🙂


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