Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 2

Oh boy. XD I didn’t peg Riley as one to love candy corn. Well, here we go!


   “Riley, what is that God-awful stuff you have in your hands?” Arizona snatched the small package of candy corn Riley had bought at the small convenience store they stopped at. “We’re almost out of cash, and you spend some of it on candy corn?”

He shrugged, “I like it.”

“I like it… Pft. Well, I like expensive jeans and nice jewelry but you don’t see me buying that, now do you?” Ari looked at the baggie. “This stuff is nasty. was it really worth the fifty cents?” her face scrunched up into a look of complete disgust. Riley was pretty sure that if it was his friend with the power gene, the candy would have spontaneously combusted by now.

“It would be if you let me eat it. The deed’s done now, Ari, just give me back my candy.” Riley lunged for the orange package, phantom flames licking at his hand in a warning his emotions were getting to potent. ‘Ari can’t see them,’ he told himself over and over as he snatched the thing out of her hands.

“Ooh, bold move, dude.”

“Um, don’t you want some?” The scarsam in Riley’s tone was unmistakable as he ripped the bag open and tossed a handful into his mouth.

They tasted like ash.

“Huh?” Riley grabbed a napkin and spit into it, blood boiling as Ari laughed her familiar teasing laugh. “What did you do to them?”

Ari shrugged, I knew getting you all riled up would make you burn your precious candy.” She grinned, a sick, mocking grin. “Haha. Jokes on you, buster.” She began walking back to the car.

Riley stared after her, fuming. Clutching his now charred bag of candy corn in his hand.

I guess I’ll try again next gas station.”  


I guess Ari’s solution is either take them away or just make Riley get rid of them himself inadvertently. XD Oh dear. Bad Ari. Be good. Stop using your friend’s power to make him loose his candy. D: *pats Riley’s head* He’s been through enough.

And that’s the end of Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed. I know this wasn’t quite ‘Flash fiction’ and more like a scene, but, hey, I’m new at this. 😉

Have a great day.


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