Preptober Prompts Wk.4 Day 6

It’s the last day, can you believe it? D: I have had so much fun with the prompts this month, and this week especially. I don’t know if I’m sufficiently prepped for Nanowrimo (I don’t think I ever will be Lol) but I had had a blast and that’s what counts, right? I can’t wait to jump back into my stories, this has given me a ton of inspiration.

Anyway, onto the prompt! (a scene I might use in book 2! The Day the Moon Went Dark)


Riley woke up to see Ari leaning over him.

“Happy thanksgiving, doofus.”

“Ari.” He smiled bad at her weak grin. She looked pained at seeing him in the hospital bed. “What are you doing here? Aren’t they serving a meal at the soup kitchen tonight?”

“Oh, you really are stupid if you think I’d let you stay here by yourself.” Ari perched on the edge of his bed and glanced up at a beep from Riley’s monitor. “It finally caught up to you, huh?”


The once thought only athletic heart Riley had possessed had taken a turn for the far worse. He blamed Katastro. It was probably his fault anyway, and if it wasn’t, Riley didn’t care. As long as he had someone to blame. If only Perry and Alicea would come back. They could keep him off, right?

“It’s not my fault.”

“Hm.” Ari looked out the window, but Riley could still see the lines of caring etched into her face as she felt a deep pain for the significant boy lying on the bed. It hurt like flaming thorns and long-lost glances. He glanced at her burn-scarred hand and sighed.

“I’m sorry.”

Ari shrugged and smiled at him as she hopped off the bed. “You know what? never mind. Forget this sad, lonely, looking out the window lameness. Time for what I really came here to see your crazy face for. Put your bed up.”

Riley did as Ari slung a backpack up onto where she was just sitting and began to pull things out of it. Some beef jerky, a bag of cranberry fruit snacks, a small can of cheese Pringles, and two turkey corn dogs. So many things her remembered from a year ago today that he had insisted on buying at the little gas station in Nebraska so Ari could still have Thanksgiving.

“You didn’t.”

“I did.” She smiled as if she could see the warming of Riley’s heart on his face as he couldn’t help but smile. “I know how barren and lonely this place is. I had to do something. Happy Thanksgiving Riley.”

He laughed a soft, reverent laugh as he reached out to pick up one of the corn dogs. “This is going to have to be a tradition now, isn’t it?”

“Of course.” Ari poked him with a fork and handed him the mustard. “Go on, I know how much you like mustard. Enjoy your dinner.” She sat next to him on the bed, sticking the food on their laps after she puled out her laptop and opened Netflix. “Your turn to pick the show this year.”

Riley grinned. Surely, no one could ever have better Thanksgivings than he and Ari did.

And he never saw the girl in the too-yellow shirt in the doorway giving the red-headed boy in black a fist bump.


Yesss, it’s over. D: But don’t worry! You’ll see more of Riley and Ari as well as Emryn and Nori as Nano goes along and I share scenes with you all. (And when that does happen, it’ll be on Sundays. šŸ˜‰ )

See you all Tuesday, have a great Saturday and rest of your weekend! Hope you enjoyed my prompts. ^-^


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  1. Your excerpts always capture so much joy and hope, even when there’s an underpinning of sorrow or hurt or something. It’s a really wonderful talent. ^-^


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