What Are Dreams…

Per Syberyah’s request, the next installment in the What are ____s series! Today, we visit dreams. ^-^ I remember when I wrote this one too. Ahhh, how lovely are the days when you get to visit family and then get insulted by your father in font of them. Ahh, yes.

Anyway. Dreams. ^-^ (A million dreams are keeping me awwwwaaakkeee~!)


What are dreams?

Those things we see when we close our eyes to sleep. Those things we use as an example of what our lives should look like when we get older, when we get richer, when we become a better person. Some distant realm in the future where everything is beautiful and perfect. Those places we visit on long car rides and during the most boring of classes when your teacher is saying things you have the utmost of not caring to do about what they are saying.

They are those adventures that in the darkness and sweet oblivion of our sleep we go on. They are the realms of upside down staircases and blue suns and kissing fictional characters. They are the places where everything is possible. You can do whatever you want, but everything even outside the physically possible can happen to you. They are the journeys with Lucy Pevensie, Captain Jack Sparrow, Winnie the Pooh, and your best friend. They are the quests to find glowing orbs to defeat Smaug. They are those moments when you feel like you’re falling. They are those trips to the post office with no clothes on.  They are the moments when you realize you can do anything and ask to be excused from math class to go tell people they aren’t real. They are the things we chuckle at when lucidity takes over and light pours into our windows.

Dreams are those things that you talk about with your friends late at night. They are those “I wish”es and those “what if I”s that you fantasize about while lying in bed. They are the brightest colours in your head when you can’t sleep. They are the things that we think about that will take a million dreams to accomplish. They are our favorite ambitions. They are those “Someday”s and the “One day I’ll”s that we tell to our best friends. They are our version of “Someday I’ll touch the stars.”

They are our favourite things that we close our eyes to see. They are those places we visit when the world around us can do nothing to sate our wandering minds and our longing hearts. They are the stories we make looking out the windows on an all day car rides. They are the places and people we think about when we stare into space when our teacher is talking for the hundredth time on how to graph a line. They are where The Greatest Showman takes you. They are the places visited in books.

So, again I ask the fateful question; What are Dreams?


I love this one. It’s a little old, but I love it nonetheless. If you want more I have two more; one on hearts and one on words. So if you want more of my ramblings and views on the world, let me know in the comment section. 🙂

Until Friday!

~ Of Rainy Days


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