November November November!

Welcome, this our eleventh month of the year 2018! ;D With the start of the new month brings the end of Preptober and the beginning of the main event itself *do dododo dooooo*

Nanowrimo! 😀

My current wordcount?


*facepalms* I know I know. D: And we’re already 5 days in! I’ll try and keep you all updated on my progress. Hopefully I can use this as somewhat of an accountability thing? With any luck, it’ll work. I wanna get to 35k this year. A little over half. I think I can do it!

So this month we’re going back to my normal content (observations, rants, randomness, etc) as well as some Nano updates sprinkled in. If you’re looking for my strictly writing content this month, go check out R. M. Archer (yes, I talk about her a lot, but we’re bffs, it’s in our friend description. ;)), She has a lovely writing blog that can help out with many of your writing needs. I’m just here to write observations and love cardiology and books. 😉

For this month, keep an eye out for a book review, some Nanowrimo Ramblings, an “Interview With the Writer”, and if I can get my camera to cooperate, your first view into some of my art. There will also be some more serious posts this month.

Hope to see you around this month!

~Rainy Days and Stardust Veins

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