Interview With the Blogger

Okay, so. I saw some other cool blogger people do this. I think it was a originally a tag? I honestly don’t know. But I liked it, so we’re going to do that. Woo. 😀

Also, thank you to Autumn at Scribes & Archers for being my interviewer. I know, I talk a lot about her, but I have almost no friends (or blogger friends). XD So, you all are going to have to deal with it for now.


Autumn: Hi Allie. How are you?

Allie: I’m doing pretty good. A little tired, but what do you expect? Lol.

Autumn: I know the feeling. Since it’s NaNoWriMo, I figured we’d start with some writing-related questions. What’s the first story you ever wrote?

Allie: Oh no. *laughs awkwardly* It was the dumb little story about a girl who was half-fairy half-mermaid or something like that. I don’t even remember her name. Wait, yes I do. Ember. Hey, that’s actually a cool name. *jots it down* But that story was so bad. I got to chapter, like, four before just stopping.

Autumn: It is a cool name. I feel like she had a best friend with a similar name, too. Or was that a different story?

Allie: Yeah, same story. Her name was Amber. Oh no. So bad. Halp.

Autumn: *laughs* That’s right. Well, I had an early story world where the princesses of neighboring kingdoms were named Tara and Fara, and they were named after their kingdoms: Taravina and Faravina.

Allie: Huh, I don’t remember those characters. I do the story though. Anyway, bunny trail (one of many, I bet). Next? *laughs*

Autumn: Is there a fictional character that inspires you as a writer?

Allie: Okay, I don’t quite know what this means, but I’ll give it a go… No. I can’t think of one off the top of my head.

Autumn: Is there an author who particularly inspires you to write?

Allie: Honestly? You, in a way. You’re the first one who got me into writing. Also C. S. Lewis, because, dudeee. He was awesome.

Autumn: I’m glad I was able to encourage you as a writer. I definitely think the writing world is better for your writing. *smiles*

Allie: Aww. *blushes* Thank you. I hope one day I’ll actually get something out there for someone other than me, my bird, and two other people to read.

Autumn: Do you have a favorite character to write? And is that character also your favorite in general or do you have another favorite just as a character?

Allie: Ooh. I love to write Riley Grey. He’s a very sad character, but his view on the world is very unique. But I also love writing Piper Summers (a dorky prankster with a very sad backstory and a lonely heart) and Nori Michaelson. The former is just a goof and has the funniest narrative, and the latter is a total sweetheart and ah, he’s so kind and gentle toward people. He is one of my favourite characters as well. As far as general favourites, Medelynne Celeste, Hawk West, and Harper Charrie.

Autumn: Those are all great choices. Riley really does have a super cool narrative voice and view on things. Who’s your favorite book character not of your own?

Allie: Awww. No fair. How shall I pick? I really like Natan from Miranda Marie’s Whispers of White duology; I’m also a fan of Emma, from the same books. Also, oh dear. Thorne. *dies* From Marissa Meyer’s The Lunar Chronicles. Oh dear, there are too many.

Autumn: Natan and Thorne are the best. They’re probably my two favorite male character types: gentle and selfless and strong emotionally, and then witty and flirtatious and total goofball, lol. Can you give a brief description of your current project(s) and why you decided to write them?

Allie: Um, I guess that would be Sigma and The Day the Sun Caught Fire. Sigma takes place in a fantasy world with a MC named Emryn Glaine. She was sentenced to death and then tortured for a year, but after a jailbreak staged by Nori and her father, the first book follows her rebuilding the memory and skills she used to have. There’s a lot of Sad Nori™ and cool scenes from Emryn’s first person perspective.

TDTSCF (the acronym) is a lot of travel. Riley Grey and his friend Arizona Parkinson are running from a Shadow-like creature that’s been following Riley for years. There’s a lot of exploration, cool descriptions, and interesting people they meet along the way to LA.

I picked these two because they’re my only really active stories at the time. And I like them. Is that what you’re looking for?

Autumn: I was more hoping to find out why you chose to write these in general. What drew you to them in the first place?

Allie: Well, Sigma started out as a short story; it was actually going to be a gift for a friend of mine. I have no idea who it was now (it was a christmas secret santa kinda thing), but thanks to them, I guess? I scrapped the idea, found it two years later, went “WOAH THIS IS COOL” and kept writing it. And now it’s a huge story, world, and everything.

The Day the Sun Caught Fire was actually inspired by several Owl City songs. Specifically Dreams and Disasters, Rainbow Veins, New York City, and Embers. Who knew?

Autumn: What are your habits, as a writer? Do you drink tea or coffee when you write? What time of day do you prefer to write at? Do you generally have a daily word count you try to hit? Stuff like that?

Allie: I drink a TON of water while writing actually. Especially papers for school, but for my stories too. My blood type is probably tea at this point, I do drink a lot of it, but I don’t drink much of it while I’m writing, for some reason. I like to write late at night. Like, 10 and on late. I’m busy pretty much any other time, but that’s when inspiration usually strikes the best. I don’t give myself a daily word count because I know I either won’t make it or surpass it or both. I… really should have more writing incentive. I need to write more. *chuckles awkwardly*

Autumn: I know you’re also into art. What are your habits with that, in a similar vein to the above question?

Allie: Well, I draw all the time. In class, at lunch, on the road (though that’s more reading and sleeping time for me, in between daydreaming of course). I draw pretty much when I have time for it when reading would 100% not be appropriate, like, biology class, or during church. So, I don’t really have a goal when it comes to it. It’s just a hobby for me, though I do put a lot of money into it sometimes. You know, when I’m not buying books. *laughs*

Autumn: Do you have a favorite thing to draw?

Allie: I draw a LOT of people. I know you’re going to ask why, so I’ll just answer that now, lol. They’re fascinating, tough, and detailed. I also like drawing little objects, like notebooks, bags, or even food. The more detail I can pack in, the better and more enjoyable it is for me. I especially like to try and replicate book covers. The hardest ones are those that are mostly monochrome. Like The Door Within by Wayne Thomas Batson.

Autumn: That’s really cool. Do you have a favorite drawing?

Allie: It’s hard to pick. I have a few I’m really proud of. Like my drawing of the Cinder (by Marissa Meyer) cover or a cyborg character of mine named Sky holding an x-ray panel in front of her chest. 

Autumn: Are there any artists who inspire you?

Allie: Thomas Kinkade. Seriously, have you seen his stuff? The light and the reflections and the DETAIL. Look at this gorgeousness:

Autumn: His paintings are some of my favorites. The lighting in all of them is amazing.
You draw your book characters a lot. Do you have a favorite to translate into artwork?

Allie: Though she was a pain to draw a first, I love to draw Harper. Her caramel blonde hair and soft pastel flowy clothes are so soft and fun to draw, not to mention her BRIGHT red eyes that don’t pair well with her otherwise soft colour pallet and reserved, timid posture.

Autumn: Huh. I didn’t know that. That’s cool.

How do you tie in your passion for cardiology with your hobbies?

Allie: Oof. I knew this was coming at some point. My passion in with writing and arting things. Well, I’ve made it a personal goal of mine to, if I ever do publish my stories, to write books starring MCs with different common heart issues. Because a few years ago I read two books in two months with MCs with heart issues (and to those of you who don’t know, I have a minor heart arrhythmia myself), and I was so excited because you don’t see that in media today, especially not in young adult and middle-grade fantasy/sci-fi/fiction, etc. So, I want to write books for those kids who don’t get to see themselves in literature. I want then to see that, yeah, a guy with HCM can be the leader of a band, or a girl with tachycardia can go on adventures in other lands sailing with pirates. It means a lot to me, and it’s bound to mean a lot to someone else too.

As far as art goes… Yeah.There are no mystical feel-good explanations for that. Mostly I just stick hearts in/on things. Or scars, or cool little references to cardiology in my art. Woo. Such excite.

Autumn: That’s a super awesome goal! Do you have a favorite heart problem to write about?

Allie: I do, actually. Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is my favourite. Hyper-trough-who-what-now? Yeah, basically. *laughs* If you’re curious, google it I guess? But I have at least two characters with it, and it’s the issue that the MCs of those two books I read had. Something about it calls to me, IDK. Ask God if you want to know why. He gave me this passion in the first place.

Autumn: It’ll be super cool to see what comes of that. I’m sure He has something awesome planned.
How does your passion for hearts influence the way you see the world?

Allie: That’s a good question, and a tough one. I hesitate to say negatively, because in ways it really isn’t. It gives me a unique view on what it means to be alive and the value of life and how we as humans are and how simple things connect us. I tend to view it through a more negative lens than I should, because my ears perk up when I hear something related to cardiology, or I worry people will think me weird for it I guess. In a way, my passion keeps me kind of human in the way I see things.

Autumn: Keeps you human?

Allie: I worry a lot, and I went through the ringer in more ways than one in my lower school years, and it’s made me hard. In seeing the world through my passion, I’ve learned that there are certain things you can’t ignore. It’s given me a sense of people, and just how soft and vulnerable we can be as humans. It keeps me accountable for me and for others, because that’s what we are. We’re people, with softly beating hearts that we like to mimic in our music and in many other ways. It helps me stay in awe of things, because that’s what I love, well, when I let myself. I… need to work on that. I don’t know if I’m making sense. Oh dear, LOL. Did I answer your question?

Autumn: Yeah. That’s really interesting. I’m glad it’s helping you to stay soft and… human, I guess, rather than trying too hard to not feel.
If you had to describe yourself to someone in one sentence, what would you say?

Allie: Ooh, tough one. “I’m a curious mind who will read anything, probably eat your food, likes soft things, and will never pass up a chance to go to the bookstore.”

Autumn: What about in one word?

Allie:  This was actually a question for my summer job interview, and I stick by my answer: Curious.

Autumn: What is your favorite color and why?

Allie: I like shades of blue and grey, mostly because blue can be almost any colour it wants, can go with any colour it wants, and is just so pretty and nice and is a calming colour in general. I like grey because it’s the colour of storm clouds and fluffy blankets and also goes with everything and is a nice colour to wear. (I wear wayyyy too much grey on a regular basis.)

Autumn: If someone wanted to understand you better, what movie should they watch, what book should they read, and what song should they listen to?

Allie: They need to watch The Greatest Showman, also affectionately known as “The Greatest Soundtrack” by me and my friends (a.k.a. you, Autumn, lol) because, ah, so many reasons. I love music and musicals and the acting and the story and the songs and ahhh, just ALL of it. Lol.

I would recommend they read Echoes by Miranda Marie. It’s the first book in the aforementioned Whispers of White duology (the second book isn’t out yet and I can’t WAIT.). That book meant a lot to me as a person and the writing is amazing and the descriptions inspire me so much; like, I wanna write descriptions like Miranda someday.

And for the song… Good question. I may recommend Run Wild by for King and Country and To the Dreamers by the same.

Autumn: Those are all great choices. *smiles* That was the last question. Thanks for letting me interview you. I hope you have a great day!

Allie: Well, thank you. And I hope you have a great day as well. *smiles back*


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  1. Really enjoyed this! I love listening to musicals as well. One of my favorites, that would describe me the best, would be dear Evan Hansen and to choose a song from its playlist it would have to be waving through a window. But yeah, I lI’ve the greatest showman as well!


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