A NaNoWriMo Story (My November Conclusion)

Woot woot! NaNoooo!

Yeah, I’m not doing quite so well, haha. Whoops. But I made it to about 14,000, which I’m pretty proud of considering the business of the month for my family. 

About two weeks into NaNo, I came up with the idea for a new story idea. I would love to post an excerpt of here toward the end for you all. ^-^ This is the story I ended up working on for most of NaNo, and that’s how I got most of my (very puny) word count. I called it ‘NaNo Novel’ until it got it’s official working title: ‘After the Fade’ or just ‘Fade’. I’m really proud of it so far, and I have a lot of goals I want to accomplish with this story. For one thing, I want to make it my first novel I finish towards my life writing goal: Writing books with characters with heart defects. Our MC Ro Carswell has something I’ve never written before: Atrial Septal Defect. (short layman’s terms definition: a hole in the wall in between the two upper chambers of the heart. ) 

I was actually really nervous and doubting myself in coming to this conclusion and making the decision to give Ro this medical flaw. It’s become somewhat of a signature for me, and I was worried about this story, both because how well it was turning out and how much a friend of mine loved it. There was also my not-so-great track record with stories with MCs with heart defects. But I decided to let that make me more determined. 

At the end of Nano, I got to about chapter 9, totaling 11,166 words on that story alone. Seeing how busy and distracted I was this month, I’ll take it. 

Nano overall went pretty well, I’d say. Could I have done more? Eeeeehhh, yeah. But I’m pretty happy with what I got nonetheless. Will I be doing it next year? Probably, but we’ll have to see.  

I hope you enjoyed this week’s post to end out November! To finish up this post, here is an excerpt from After the Fade:


I slung the scarf over my face as I shoved debris out of my way. The old ways, the old lives, had been lost for good. Now all I had to do was run.

Dust was heavy in the air and I squinted, hoping to catch sight of  the ladder at the back of the wherehouse. Something to take me out of this deathtrap and out into the real world. There! The rusty iron flashed red in the flickering of the power. I grabbed onto my old canvas bag and made a run for it. I should’ve known the place would only have been filled with dust and molding pieces of cloth.

I grabbed onto the worn metal. Once used every day, this old thing practically crumpled to dust in my hands from the lack of upkeep.

Guess that’s what happens after you exhaust the world’s power trying to fight a war you could not win.

Shoving open the roof hatch with my shoulder, I looked back down my predators. Old mangled mutts, their fur gone and their skin slashed open by someone less forgiving than I. They gotta eat too, I just didn’t wanna be their next meal.

The cool breeze was slightly acidic from all the rain we’d been receiving, which had collapsed more buildings than anything since the last blitzkrieg over 100 years ago. The sky had turned a sickly pinkish orange from all the waste up there in the atmosphere. The people on Mars will never come back to get us now. I’m sure their settlements are just as mangled as the ones here on Earth.

I whistled, calling for something far down below.

“Ashria, tau!”

A wind whipped up, stirring more dust particles that I ever could, and I took off into a run towards the end of the building, taking a leap toward the ground below.

A shadow came up under me and I landed on Ashria’s scaled body. Her powerful wings flew us up and up higher toward that sickly sky. I tugged my scarf off and scrambled for my saddle.

“Ashria, northward,” I commanded my mount as I secured my bag to the back of the saddle with some salvaged belts.

“Any luck, youngling?” Ashria spoke into my mind, her voice curious and strong, but not in any language others would know. Except other dragonriders.

“Not today, I’m afraid.”

There were few of us left. Few of us who truly strived to understand and preserve what others doomed as ‘Humanity’s destruction.”

The dragons.


😀 Cool story. ^-^! If you want more excerpts, I can post some more in the future. 🙂 

This month (December) you can expect a book review (I hope I can get the book read D:) some cool observations, and, well, we’ll see where December takes me. (also I’m using some new program during the writing process of these blog posts, and it’s really annoying. Bear with me as I try to figure out the darn thing -_-) 

Until Tuesday!

~ Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins 


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