What Are Words?

And today, this Tuesday of December, I bring to you definitely not something I wanted for NaNo season… the third installment of the “What Are _____”s series! Today I bring you one of my favourites: The one on words. Expressing the power of words using words, this is bound to be some adventure. *wipes forehead* 


And what are words?

Beautiful, powerful, influential words. Words like swords that cut and pierce and destroy so that words like vultures could follow and pick and tear apart that which the previous had killed. Words like stitches, that save that which is life-carrying from leaking out and pooling beneath us and draining out so that we are left dry and empty. And words like hugs, that comfort and hold, saying that the world is still whole, even if you are broken. Words that come from the very life-giving heartbeat of a person as to enter and help make another’s heart load easier.

The power of words is unmatched in the whole of the universe and beyond, for even the Creator used but His words to make everything that is. For the words we unleash into the world not only have the power to change others and everyone, but also the power to change that which the mouth of whence they came.

The words that make stories that drive their reader to heartbreak over people that only exist in the written word. The words that tell the tales of myths of other gods and other peoples and beasts like dragons and sea monsters. That take our minds on adventures to places that someone dreamed up and had the sense to write down into liquid flowing, life-altering words that enter the soul and never leave unless to rip out a part of that which makes us who we have become.

Words that mean laughter, words that contain the sun and all it’s warmth inside them, words that mean as much to a person as the breath that fills their lungs and the blood that flows within their veins. Words that make a person who they are, words that contain the whole of a person and bear the weight of their existence. Words that carry the names of things and of places and of people, words that carry so many others just within a few letters.

Words that carry rhythm into song, into a beautiful melody that reflects the music fashioned by the sounds of our created heartbeats and our drawn breath and the sounds the are made by others living as they do. With words set to soft melodies to bring them into powerful anthems of thought and creation and passion. That have the power to rally us into revolution or pathe the way to soft gentle sleep and remind us of the days when nothing mattered but the daisies of our backyard and the beautiful twinkling eyes of our mothers and the bonds of friendship tied with heartstrings and messy high fives.

Words have the power of infliction, they have the power to make things so if only just by thinking them; if you have so much power as was given to you by Him who created the words that are now formed by the mouths which let them trickle out, not understanding their weight and their danger. Words which have the force to become like a hurricane inside someone. Words with have the power that, at once, bring up memories of old schools, tv shows, piercing gazes and echoes. Words which have the power to explain how our world comes together, how words which have the power to undo such bonds and throw the entire creation into mindless chaos.

So, yet again, I question, what are words?

~Of Rainy Days 


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