Our New Year, 2019

Happy New Year my friends and followers!

It is truly wonderful to be able to begin a new year in the world. A fresh start, a new chance to begin and take control of the things that seem to be getting away from us. A new year is a unique oppertunity to seize and live!

Anyway, I know I was very absent all of December (my last post was on the 11th, sheesh!), but I hope to get back into the groove in the upcoming month. A lot of the thing I had planned for December and November didn’t happen, unfortunately, due to busy schedules and me not having a properly functioning computer. But with all hope restored I try to go on.

Super cool new plans for the year, yay! 

For this year I hope to set a more regular schedule for what I want to go up every month. Each month I hope to have a book review, a writing update, and what I’d like to call a “Blogger Check-In”.

What I would like the Blogger Check-In to be is a post where I as the writer sit down and write on how my life is going and let you guys see into my thoughts somewhat. These will contain updates on my hobbies (ie writing), maybe some pictures of my drawings, a song or two that has current meaning to me, or other cool random stuff. These will also contain blog updates and events that I can’t control and how they might affect my upload schedule, such as informing you all when I may be away and unable to post regularly or be unable to see your comments. Kinda like a Tea Vlog, but in blog format. It may contain a recipe one month and a heartfelt song that means a lot to me the next, it’s a way to show you guys that there is a person behind these words on a screen.

Other plans I have concerning this year, and hopefully ones to follow if God allows, is a Season Observation every three months or so. These would go up on the first day of the new season, starting with the first one in Spring 2019. Also, I would like to keep adding to my What Are _____s series, maybe every month or so. The pre-written ones are almost done, and I’d love to keep them going.

Another thing I’d love to do this year is a Q n A. I had an Interview With the Blogger post go up in November, but I’m sure it didn’t answer all your questions! I’d love to give you guys a chance to ask me questions (silly questions, serious questions, food questions, etc) and to see my answers. I love reading your comments, and it warms my heart to see you guys comment. I know I’m new at this, and it’s wonderful to see that I have so much support even now. ^-^

As far as January goes, you guys can finally expect to see that book review I’ve been promising for two months, the final installment in the What Are _____s series (one on hearts!), A Christmas Observation blog post (that DEFINITELY shouldn’t have gone up closer to, you know, Christmas…), and many more! So stick around, January is going to be a wonderful intro into 2019 around here.

Have a marvelous 2019!

~Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins.


2 thoughts on “Our New Year, 2019

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  1. Happy New Year!!
    I’m really looking forward to your Blogger Check-In’s, and the continuation of What Are ____s? 😀 Can’t wait to keep reading your blog through 2019 ^-^

    Liked by 2 people

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