What Are Hearts?

Happy Friday everyone!

This has been a post I have been delaying for some time now, as you all know, I have a deep love for cardiology. I believe that this description is a really deep insight into how I feel about hearts, and how I see them. I hope you get something out of this, as this means a lot to me. ^-^


What are hearts?

Have you ever noticed them when the music is playing loud and you are home alone? Have you ever noticed them as you lay in bed on a rainy night, their pitter-patter not so unlike the rain itself? Have you ever noticed them while in your school’s library, sitting there amongst the shelves, letting the words of magical fantasies soak into your skin?

What are they, that we let them go overlooked when nothing inside of us is like them? Why do we let them slip through our fingers when they themselves give us our own music? That when we feel them pounding against our ribs it is the only time we take the moment to notice them?

Why do we overlook that which gives us life to notice?

The hearts that we hear inside others, the tender rhythm that is so vulnerable, yet one of the strongest sounds ever created. Hearts that reflect what they carry to anyone who cares enough to listen. Hearts that beat even when under strain because of how they were made to, under any circumstances, persevere. Hearts that keep us alive, that when threatened we know somewhere inside ourselves that we must protect or yet lose our existence here among other beating hearts.

The hearts that sounds inside us all, the music that never ceases and is always there to comfort from the inside. That are so cozy and gentle and warm from within us, that soothe us in ways only He that made them can understand. Heartbeats that lay the foundation of music, that lay the foundation for a mother’s love, the first sound we ever hear before we are even born, the sound that has been around since we were made, a sound that even existed inside the chest of our Savior, a sound that is precious to everything and everyone, even if it’s not made aware of. The sound that means life, and the sound, when ended means the end of all. It’s the music that isn’t thought about, the music that always continues and always reflects who you are to the deepest core of yourself, that when listened to deep enough holds no secrets and all secrets.

Hearts that race when the nerves of something big get to it, hearts that skip when love flows in our veins, and hearts that break when our emotions are severed into two, yet are still there, beating like they were made to be. Hearts that, when something goes wrong, they are checked first because of how vital they are to us, how vital they are to relationships. Hearts that, when loved, love back.

So, again, I ask, what are hearts?

~ Of Stardust Veins

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