Cyber, One Of My Camp NaNoWriMo projects

As a writer, my brain is never short on useless story ideas. But sometimes, those ideas actually turn out to be something interesting.
Over the past month of writing sadness, I have come up with four story ideas. Two I haven’t touched, one I started outlining and them stopped, and one…

One is Cyber.

Cyber is my carry-over-excitement inspiration baby from the wackiness that is Spring Musical season. Soo, in spirit of our play, Beauty and the Beast, I am taking the idea of it and writing a retelling, based on the what if of if the Beast was a cyborg.

Brielle is our main character, living in a small town near a city famous for its science, her and her writer father are in a library getting books when the next part of the draft for experimental human augmentation is announced. Brielle’s father happens to be in this draft and she sets out to take his place, knowing she will fair better than her aging father. (in this way, its almost like Gaston kept her father in a dungeon that the beast, but we’ll get to that)

Alice and Gideon (our Lumiere and Cogsworth) are our main side characters. They are the first altered characters we meet, but who actually spend the middle section of the book absent. Alice has small white wings that allow her to hover and fly a little, and Gideon has mechanical arms, even though his human arms worked just fine. They are tasked with trying to get Brielle accustomed to living in the labs, making sure to tell her she is perfectly safe.
Our ”Gaston” character is a strange one. Dr. S is kind of crazy mad scientist who everyone wants to please. He is our character with the ”God Complex” and is basically the reason the program exists (he actually comes back in later books, and is in earlier books as a lovable ambitious teenager, he’s the kind of character I fear becoming). He is only on for a few chapters, but he is kind of the evil that hangs over the characters heads. He is responsible for our two side characters being the way they are, ”augmented”.

While wandering around after getting hopelessly lost she comes across the thing for whom the book is named, the very thing that really shows her the hearts of the people who work here.


Cyber (our beast) is not a machine or a program, but a human so thoroughly transformed he looks more machine than man. Think Borg from Star Trek. White skin laced with circuits where metal does not meet and black leotards don’t cover, little red lights to indicate what he is feeling, even (or so they told him) a power center in place of a heart (even though we know from Gideon that the facility is fully capable of using oxygen and blood to power its cybernetics) He is lonely, with a vicious temper and a very grumpy demeanor, but finds a soft spot for this gentle girl who seems unafraid of him and brings him remnants of her meals just because she can see the humanness in his untouched brilliant blue eyes. We don’t actually know his real name, but we know he has a family.

The two end up embarking on a seemingly impossible journey to bring down the labs that made Cyber into himself, who wanted to change Brielle into a piece of their work, and to set free the altered humans trapped in this state between humanity and machine.

But can they take out the mastermind of the whole operation when he, himself, is not human?

So yea! The base and charries of Cyber. XD ^-^ I love new projects.

I’m also hoping to work in those gentle moments I love to write, some of which come from my own head, and some inspired by the iconic Disney animated movie. Including the dance in the ballroom and the scene with the library. You know, the one that made every little girl go ”pffftt, forget prince Charming. I want a LIBRARY.” ;D I’m looking forward to those. ^-^. We also find out a lot of things we go though the book believing, are not true, or are illusions of truth fabricated into what the lab wanted everyone to believe. Heheheh… ;D

So, yeah, this is my idea for the awesome Camp NaNo! Keep an eye out for follow up ideas to come in the near future. I’m currently writing its outline, which is far from the most fun part, but if we want a finished story out of this thing, it has to be done or else it’ll sit on a shelf for years and get forgotten about. XD I don’t think this book will get written in a month like LTMH did, but I want to get it done before the end of the school year. I’m not expecting it to stick around, but maybe it will!

I can’t wait to jump in!

Have a stunning TUESDAY! ~* (not Friday, sorry guys *facepalm* why do you only catch those mistakes after something is posted?)

~ Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins


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