One day, we come across something that stills our breath.

Our eyes land upon it and all of a sudden all those secret thoughts of space and art and song that we harbored in our dreams of looking up at the moon flood back into our minds.

We find something we love is mentioned and all of a sudden we can’t help but grin. Because its that very thing our little hearts beat for. Other people see it, and smile too, because all of a sudden they are reminded of what it feels like when our hearts open and we are filled with love.

Its that little thing we care about more than anything. Its the thrill of reading our favorite book, its the sensation of fingers on a keyboard. When you look up into the sky and your heart leaps at the glorious ribbons of color that paint the sunset and you fin yourself staring, thinking about how it might feel to paint something so marvelous, how wonderful it might be to fly above those paint stroke clouds. 

We hear that phrase a lot, “Childlike Wonder,” or “looking at something through a child’s eyes.” We all have that something that catches our breath. That makes us feel such a deep sense of awe that we can’t forget it. We all have that dream of dreams that seems less and less likely as we grow older. That other people don’t quite get, because maybe they let their dream be stolen.

Dont let them steal those things from you. Soar above the clouds, paint music

Look at the world around you with childlike wonder. You never know what you might see.

~Of Rainy Days


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