#BloggerCheckIn May 2O19

*flops and curls up in a corner* I am exhausted, you guys. XD

This past week has been amazing, and exausting. As I write, I just got home from my final night of performing my schools spring musical, Beauty and the Beast Jr. It was a blast and a heartache, and everyone got sick. It was a crazy adventure, but a fun one nonetheless. I’m going to miss everyone so, so much.

Waht, no, I’m not crying. Those are just raindrops….

*snuggles tiny crocheted octopus* May has been great, one of the most tiring months yet, but great. Now all I have left is some make-up work from show week, and the dreaded finals. D:
Its okay, its okay. I don’t have to take any of them! *cheers* *confetti falls down from the sky* *everyone celebrates*

I got to see my best friend for the first time since NOVEMBER this month, and I can’t hardly believe that we went that long without exchanging BOOKS. I mean, come on. Books, guys! D:
In all seriousness, It was so wonderful to see her, even if I was having a minor panic attack. XD Closing night jitters.

This month I am getting back into writing my two main projects that were pushed aside due to LMH for months, Sigma and The Day the Sun Caught Fire. I finally finished both chapters I was working on and can’t wait to get into the rest. Can I just say Emryn and her father are so precious? Cause they areee. ^-^

I’m also doing a 1OO for 1OO challenge, write 1OO words everyday for 1OO days (which is nuts, oh my lands xD) that starts the 2Oth and ends sometime in August. I plan on working on Sigma for that, since you can only pick one project. I would love to work on After the Fade for that one, but ever since I wrote chapter eight on that story, it hasn’t worked, and I’m at the point where I’m about ready to go back to the middle~end of chapter seven and start over. Fight me Ro and your stupid heart. (actually no, don’t, since you have a cool dragon and I definitely do not have one of those, LOL) So over the next few months you can look for updates on that.

As for the rest of this month, Friday with be another observation post, and hopefully soon, I’ll get up series review! (I would love for that to be by the end of the month) That would be cool. But, this month is finals as well as graduation, so, I’ll be lucky to get up two or three posts this month of anything. XD It might just be this one, but with a little luck and determination, I should have a few more for all my awesome followers. ;D

And now the Question of the Month!

What is your favourite springish\summery scent? 

I, for one, like the smell of rain. I kinda have to, rain is in my name after all. ;D But, I do also like the smell of cut grass. Its, like, one of my favorite scents for some reason? xD Who knows.

I hope you are having a wonderful May, and are enjoying the warmer weather. (its a toss up for me, I hate the heat)

See you all in the next one!

~ Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins

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