#BloggerCheckIn June & July 2019

June was busy as heck. Between, you know, graduating high school, starting my volunteer work, swim practice (six times a week), swim meets, and preparing for camp, I have been a mess. XD Not to mention my air conditioner went out this month. That was fun.

July is… even busier. XD With camp starting it off, and then VBS and trying to qualify in my Breaststroke and getting a job and picking up extra shifts at the hospital… man, its been busy. With any luck, I’ll get my license soon and then I can drive myself places. ;D Also, I got a new computer! Now I can type ALL THE THINGS. Say goodbye to Os as 0s XD Yay! *celebrates*

Its been a good couple of months overall. Exhausting, but good. I’m very excited for my last camp coming up. I already made it to one, despite being on a waiting list, and had an absolutely incredible time. ^-^ I leave on Monday for my second camp of the year and I’m super excited! XD Camp is always a blast.

Also, can I just mention June and July sunsets for a minute? Because they are stunning and I love them and ahhhh. They are just so amazing, and the sky goes from baby blue to yellows and golds to hot pink and orange and then light purple and finally night time all within an hour. It is truly the best month for the sky, you know, when its not burning your skin off. *scowls* Especially at night, ah. We were coming back from one of our trips my week of camp and everyone was just like ‘:O Look at the sunset!’ And I barely  noticed it because I’m blessed, as a swimmer, I get to watch the sunset every night. It’s almost always the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. Like, last night it was all golds and oranges, and the night before it was so pink it was almost red or blood orange. (written on thursday)

…Sorry, I just love the sky. *pats it*

I’ve been reading a TON thanks to my volunteer hours being a lot of sitting with large stretches of time between answering call bells. So I read. A lot. I went through four books in two and a half weeks. SplinteredAtlantis Rising, Of Shadow and Bone, and… shoot. What was the other one? Oops. XD I promise I read four. ;D

And now, the QOTM! 😀

Where is your favorite vacation spot?

Mine is Williamsburg VA. Not, like, Great Wolf Lodge, I mean Colonial Williamsburg and the surrounding, normal town, with its 1,000,000 Wendy’s. XD My family goes there so often I am convinced I could drive around by myself without the need of a GPS. XD (and I can’t say that about some places in my hometown area) Sometimes we go up to Jamestown, that’s fun too, but Williamsburg will forever hold a special place in my heart, especially because I started my favorite book series of all time, both the first and second books, in yarn stores there. ;D Can you hug a city? Because I would hug Williamsburg. It means so, so much to me. ^-^

Hope you all had an amazing June and are having a great July!

~Of Rainy Days



ps. Everybody cares about ice.

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