A Quick Wish…

I wish I could sing or make music with my voice. To let each song I sing give life to the next person. I wish I could dance and make music with my body. To leap and soar and spin and turn my whole person into the expression of a song. A flurry of emotion.
I wish I could play an instrument, and make music with my hands. To take each note and combine it with the next, each finger delicately and powerfully turning silence into art.
I wish I could paint, and make music with color, to take hues of green and blue and white and turn them into things by the powers of creation.
Or write and make music with words, to shape and change a life, a world.
Or make poems and make music with thoughts, to shift someone’s heart in the direction of change, to remind everyone the power of thought.
I wish!
I wish?
I wish.
~Of Rainy Days

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