#BloggerCheckIn September 2019

Hi everyone!

Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been really busy. And also playing a lot of Sims. XD

I know this is the September one. “Where’s August?? D:” you cry. Well, I meant to write it, but I kind of started college and got a job and all my time got eaten up by those two things. Also Sims. Lots of Sims. XD

August went well. Like I said, I got a job! 😀 I’m now a lifeguard at a local pool. Unfortunetly, due to being one of the only guards willing to work, if I’m not in classes, I’m probably at work, staring mindlessly at the water, thinking about all the things I could be doing. XD

Anyone else loving the sometimes cooler weather? It’s the best. ^-^

Also school started! I’m officially a college student. I like it, mostly. I have one teacher who is just awful, but my other two professors are really neat. Even though one class is crazy-hard (Anatomy and Physiology), I love it all the same. It’s just so awesome to finally see yourself becoming who you’ve dreamed about since middle school. Even if it does mean eventually taking four semesters of Chemistry. *gags in the corner*

As for September, it’s been going well! Very stressful as I work almost every day, but, as I write this, I got to see Cats the musical at the Kennedy Center yesterday! It’s mom’s friend’s favourite musical, and she wanted us to go with her. It was so awesome and I would do it again in a heartbeat. It was my first experience with professional theatre and I was not disappointed. The CHOREOGRAPHY and the MUSIC and the ACTING and all of their VOICES. *melts into a puddle* It’s times like that I wonder why on this Earth God called me into medicine and gave me a terrible singing voice when I would love to be acting on a stage like that, because, honestly? How awesome?? 😀 We’re going back to see My Fair Lady in January, which is mom’s favourite. Now all we need is Beauty and the Beast or  Fiddler on the Roof come to town and we’ll have all three! XD 

I haven’t been doing much writing lately, but I am trying to get my driver’s licence by the end of October (I’ll have to update y’all on that front), so then, hopefully I can focus on NaNo.

Also, I’m doing Preptober again this year. I’m not a host, but you can expect a weekly update. I would post every day/every other, but there’s a rule in place where if you’re not a host, you’re not allowed to do that. So, I’m still doing them, but you’ll only see it once a week.

And now for the Question of the Month! 😀

What is your favourite fall treat? 

For me, it’s anything pecan flavored. Especially tarts and pie. Hey Dunkin’ you should come out with  pecan coffee. You’d get a lot of business. ;D


Have a great fall! ^-^


~ Of Rainy Days

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