#BloggerCheckIn October

Yep. It’s November. Sorry guys. You see, I have this thing called college and it eats time like drier aliens eat socks. ;D Thankfully, I have friends who have blogs who remind me that I, too, have one of these things and should be writing things on here. XD

October went by in a blur. There is… really not much to say. I did a lot of college. Especially a lot of bones. I now know all the bones in the body. And there is a LOT more than you think there are. 206 feels like an understatement when you’re staring at an articulated skeleton with the knowledge there are somehow three bones that make up the sternum.

I also wrote a lot.. of papers. Not stories or scenes. Just kind of… essays. ;P But these last few have been super cool because we get to use description! We all know how I feel about description around here. 😉

But yeah, not much has happened. Work, school, swim practice…  I do know my mental heath took a bit of a hit. mostly thanks to long nights and lots and lots of work. But, hey, I make money right? Lol. Besides, I do love my job. I just don’t love my job at 4 in the morning. XD

That’s about it guys. 😛 Sorry October was so boring. It was one of those months that just kinda vanished without me realizing I should pay attention. XD Whoops. Hopefully I’ll have more to report in November, it being Nano and stuff. I’m not officially doing Nano, but I do plan on writing cute scenes and whatever else I wanna toss together. XD I will write this Nano, but I’m not officially doing it. In fact, here is a super cute scene I wrote today ^-^:

Robyn stirred from where he had fallen asleep in the corner of the astrometrics bay. Xali had loved it. Asking every question and marveled at every star. Sometimes he swore those eyes couldn’t get any bigger. 

That is, until he showed her the next formation or nebula or singularity. Then, somehow, those space-filled eyes got bigger and brighter, Like they could hold everything they touched like the black hole they were. He could only wonder what kind of mind lurked behind such windows. What soul. How many stars had taken up home in there to give her the gift of light and colour and warmth before she was even born. How many tiny stars dotted the little DNA strands in each of her cells. How many before she could call light? How many before it began to call to her? 

How many before like met like?

Robyn moved his arms behind his head, 

Or tried to. 

Robyn turned his head to get a better look at the heavy warm thing keeping his right arm pinned in place. 


Robyn chuckled gently. By the looks of it, she had fallen asleep on top of him. Probably because he was the only warm spot on this station. 

“Xali, I have no heartbeat,” he thought gently in her direction. “That cannot be comfy.”  

“It whispers.” Xali’s voice was soft, as if not to disturb him. 


“The thing in your chest. It whispers. Like tiny gears and tiny breezes and rivers. Like wind ‘round corners. It’s so quiet.” 

He breathed a heavy sigh, the comforting weight of Xali’s head moving with it. “Yeah, it was made to do that.” 

“It’s so different. I like it this way.”

“Oh?” Robyn breathed sharply. ‘No one’s ever said that before.” 

“Heartbeats are dark sounds. Heavy, weighty sounds. Full and deep and rich with someone’s life. Purples and mauves and rich royal blues. Your whispers are like pale yellows and light iridescent fabric. Much more you. Much more like the light you once carried.” 

“My sister still has hers.”

Xali tucked herself closer into Robyn’s side, “Then she must be made of reds and sparks and fullness and heavy things.” 

“Doesn’t describe what I’ve heard of her.” Robyn tugged his arm out from under his companion. “Too bright and energetic and spunky. Supposedly her favourite colour is rainbow.” 

“Then it sounds exactly like her.” Xali’s eyes fluttered open and she gave him one of those supernova grins. “Let me know colour and light.” She set her hand next to her face. “And let your tiny whisper tell me of all the things it once was but now no longer can be.” 

“It’s just a metal box.” 

“Made of compressed stars, Stars I know, Robyn, and you are made of them.” 

That could not be. Robyn knew, Xali was made of stars. Of the cosmos and of nebulae. He was nothing. Just a bright spark of red and yellow caught in her colourful spectrum of thoughts. 

But never could he be happier than with her strange wisdom weighing heavy on his ash filled lungs.

And now, the question! 😀

What is your favourite thing to learn about? 

Have a fantastic November October!

– Of Rainy Days

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