Interview With The Author: R. M. Archer

Hello everyone! I am pleased to bring you a Author Interview today! My best friend and other blogger Rysa Archer (aka the infamous Autumn) is re-releasing her first published work, a short story collection. I was excited when she chose me to help her kick off the blog tour with this interview! I hope you enjoy it.

~ Allie (Of Rainy Days)



Allie: Welcome to my blog Archer! For, what, is this the first time? Seems like you should have been here long ago. XD 

Archer: I was thinking we’d done this once before? But maybe that was for my blog, lol.

Allie: Yeah, I think that was for yours. Anyway, welcome. It’s exciting you’re kicking off the second release of this collection. It seems like just yesterday you finished the first. 

Archer: *laughs* In all honesty… I kind of forgot about the first edition, because I did so little with it and it got so little attention (which, looking back –and even then, really–I’m grateful for, lol). The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles kind of took the spotlight. But yeah, that was a whole two years ago. It’s weird.

Allie: Wow. Two years? That went fast. So what is all in this release? I know it’s different than the previous. 

Archer: It did! It’s so weird to think I’ve been a published author for two years. This edition has four stories–just like the first edition–but only half of them are the same. Silence and Escape Room are still around, but Escape Room went through a lot of “remodeling” to get it up to my current writing skill (or at least close). Lost Girl and The Paladins were both removed from the collection, but don’t worry; I have plans for Lost Girl that I’ll be revealing in just a month or two, so it’s not entirely gone. 😉 The new stories are Carnival Hearts–a contemporary flash fictionand Caithan–a fantasy story set in a world I’m super excited about.

Allie: I’m doing posts for three of them, I think. I was excited for Carnival Hearts up to the day I read it, and am really excited to do my post on that one. And, of course, Silence will always hold a special place in my heart. ;D After all, you did write it for me. I’m curious what made you go in the direction you did. With Silence I mean.

Archer: The prompts you gave me directed a lot of it: character with supernatural powers, born during an eclipse, doesn’t have a pulse, chased by someone who wants to exploit those powers… Really, you handed me most of it on a silver platter, lol. The setting and ending, though, were mostly informed by an existing story arc in Concordia. I saw an opportunity to set up for a future novel–Unstoppable, which you’ve worked with me on–and I took it.

Allie: *chuckles* My weaknesses. Science, space, superpowers, hearts… I really liked the direction you took, of course. I’m just glad you put up with all my questions, even if most of the answers were ‘IDK, Magic?’.

Archer: Pfft. You undersell both my ability to make up random explanations that kinda-sorta-almost work and your contributions to the scientific development of said magic. I would never have come up with the idea of magic working through the respiratory system, lol.

Allie: Of course. It’s why I am Best Science Friend™. 

Archer: You are. XD

Allie: Out of all the short stories you have, why Silence to include in the collection?

Archer: When I first published the collection, it was one of the few short stories I had under my belt and felt confident in, and the collection was entirely Christmas present stories anyway. In the new edition, I wanted to leave as much of the collection intact as possible so it made sense for it to just be a new edition; since Silence was still good and Escape Room was salvageable but I had other plans for Lost Girl and I just… really didn’t like The Paladins, so Silence and Escape Room were the stories that stuck around.

Allie: Makes sense. What made you decide to include the other two? Caithan and Carnival Hearts? They’re not only different from each other, but also the setting of the other two. 

Archer: I tried to match the genre and style of the new stories with those of the stories they replaced, more or less. Carnival Hearts is contemporary, so it doesn’t match Lost Girl exactly, but I feel like they have a similar tone, somehow. Caithan was actually not my first choice to replace The Paladins; I have another short story called Remember that I was planning to include because it’s more the same flavor of fantasy as The Paladins, but I got feedback that it didn’t really work to stand alone. Caithan still wouldn’t have been my first choice just because that world is so exciting to me and I want to showcase it on its own, really, but I didn’t have much else in the fantasy genre and my impatience to share Caithan won out over my half-baked plans to save it for a later collection, lol.

Allie: *nods* Well, you love that world pretty much more than any other I’ve seen you with, so I’m sure you’ll find countless other stories to tell there.  

Archer: *nods* Absolutely! I already have… about half a dozen more short stories and a novel planned in Deseran? XD And ideas just keep coming as I explore more and more of the world, lol.

Allie: Well, it is an awesome world. I can’t wait to read more stuff set there. 

Archer: I’m excited to publish more. 🙂

Allie: Is there anything that particularly excites you about this collection? A story, maybe a moment, a character? Whatever. 

Archer: There are several things, honestly, lol. With Escape Room, I think it’s going to be super cool to be able to compare where my writing was two years ago with where it is now, and I’m just excited to share a version of that story that I can be proud of (I knew even when I published it the first time that it wasn’t really ready). And then there’s just the excitement of sharing Carnival Hearts and Caithan, because I’m super happy with both of them and I look forward to seeing what people think of them. Although if I had to be more specific, I love the writing style of Carnival Hearts and I love the character Rahim in Caithan. 🙂

Allie: I know this is supposed to be about Silence, but I think Carnival Hearts has got to be my favourite story in the collection. And I’m excited to be reviewing it later in the tour. 

Archer: That’s awesome! It was a total experiment, lol, but I’m super happy with it came out (and so far everyone who’s read it has enjoyed it, too). I tend to write a lot of dialogue, so that story was me deciding to see how much I could communicate with minimal dialogue.

Allie: Well, it was super fun. I have to say, the ending was sad. I mean, so was the ending for Silence. Why do you torture us? D: 

Archer: With Silence, it was necessary for the novel set-up. (Things might look up for Fiona and company… I guess you’ll have to wait and read the novel). With Carnival Hearts, my chronic inability to resolve things nicely was to blame. XD 

Allie: Yeah, I hope they will. But, then again, I have some say in it. ;D (Dang, it needs a lot of fixing…) Carnival Hearts is sweet though. I guess it almost makes up for it. ;D Not quite. 

Archer: Personally I think the ending of Carnival Hearts leaves things open to speculation either way, but that’s partially me trying to put a positive spin on my lack of conclusion-writing skill. (That’s something I should work toward fixing in the coming year, so hopefully the next collection is less open-ended.)

Allie: That is does. Which is fun in its own way. But yeah, maybe you should. XD Do you have any closing thoughts on the collection you’d like to share?

Archer: Mostly just that I hope y’all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. 🙂

Allie: I think they will. I did, anyway. It is much better than the first. (No offence.) 

Archer: None taken, LOL. I’ve had two more years to practice and develop my writing skills. I should hope it’s better. 😉

Allie: Well, thank you for picking me as the kick-starter to your tour with the new edition! It’s been a pleasure. 🙂 

Archer: Absolutely! Thanks for hosting. 🙂


Fall 2019 pic portrait About the author:

R.M. Archer has been an avid reader since the time she could first make out words, and has always been a lover of story. That interest developed into a love of writing when she was seven (though those first attempts have long-since been incinerated), and she’s been pursuing a career as an author ever since. Archer combines her love for writing with a passion for her fellow youth and aims to write YA speculative fiction that shows teens that even their deepest-seated struggles can be overcome.

In addition to writing fiction, Archer keeps up a non-fiction blog of writing tips and book reviews.

Blog: Scribes & Archers



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