Story Review: Carnival Hearts

This story is so unbearably cute.

Written by the marvelous R.M. Archer Carnival hearts immediately caught my attention when she was writing it. First of all, there is something about the strange energy of carnivals and whatnot that make me feel like an excited kid, and the aesthetic of abandoned amusement parks that have this curious, fascinating mystery to me. And, well, everyone on here knows how I feel about hearts. Also cute friendships are cuteee okaaayyy?? D:

So, when she asked me if i wanted to read it, I was thrilled. And it’s so very cute. It’s about a pair of friends, Ethan and Jas, who sneak into an abandoned amusement park. The story is told from Ethan’s perspective as he’s following Jas on this adventure. She wants to tell him something, but is too scared too.

The description in this story is better than a lot of what Archer has written in the past. I know she struggles with “showing not telling” with emotions, but these really came through for this story. I could hear the creaking of the broken Ferris wheel and smell the dust and remnants of popcorn and feel the cool breeze and the mud they were walking on. Its one of her best as far as that goes. It’s silly and goofy and heartfelt, leaving you wonder what’s going on.

It does end abruptly. Unfortunately, but it leaves you wondering what is it? What does Jas want to tell him? I had my own theories, of course. It’s an ending that could spin all kinds of new stories off it, and that’s part of it’s mystery. The emotions and the description and the story itself tie together in just the right way, making you wonder if what you read was a real story, or a curious ghost of a fever dream. It makes me want to read a whole story about these two, or perhaps write one in the same strange wispy setting lost in time.

~ Of Rainy Days


(Here’s a lil’ info about Archer in case you want to check her out yourself! 😀 ^-^)

Fall 2019 pic portrait About the author:

R.M. Archer has been an avid reader since the time she could first make out words, and has always been a lover of story. That interest developed into a love of writing when she was seven (though those first attempts have long-since been incinerated), and she’s been pursuing a career as an author ever since. Archer combines her love for writing with a passion for her fellow youth and aims to write YA speculative fiction that shows teens that even their deepest-seated struggles can be overcome.

In addition to writing fiction, Archer keeps up a non-fiction blog of writing tips and book reviews.

Blog: Scribes & Archers



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