Escape Room: Laena Interview

Hello everyone! I bring you the next, and last, installment I have of the R.M.Archer blog tour. Today I have an interview with one of the characters of the third story Escape Room, Laena. I got to pick who I interviewed, and I knew Laena was very science, and as I am also very science, I was hoping it would go well, and it did!

So sit back, relax, and enjoy this very chatty, fun, science-lovers-unite, interview! ^-^


Allie: Hello, Laena. Welcome to my blog! 🙂 I’m glad I’m getting a chance to interview you before your story is released.

Laena: Hello. I’m not sure what you mean by “my story.” *brow furrows* But I appreciate this opportunity.

Allie: Oh, right. *chuckles* Anyway, welcome. Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Laena: Thank you. I’m a high school senior looking to major in biomechanical engineering after I graduate, I love doing research in my free time, and I’m also a pianist and a brown belt in karate.

Allie: Awesome. You’re going to love college. I’m a freshman myself. What made you decide to go into biomechanical engineering? You’re the first person I’ve met with a goal like that.

Laena: My mom was a roboticist and my dad was a neurosurgeon. I picked up both passions and decided to work in a blend of the two. I love seeing the difference biomechanical implants and bionic limbs and organs make in people’s lives, and I want to be part of making that happen and making the available options even better.

Allie: That’s super cool! I did a presentation on that kind of stuff last semester. What kind of things do you like to research?

Laena: Anything, really, but I’m particularly into biology and anatomy, engineering and robotics, history, and politics. Medical ethics are a particularly fascinating topic, when I have the time to delve into them… but I won’t wander down that rabbit hole right now. *chuckles*

Allie: It is a deep one. Pretty sure I’ve written an essay on that at some point. *laughs* I’ve got a love for anatomy and biology too. I have to ask, do you have a favorite system?

Laena: The nervous system. It was kind of a natural choice with a neurosurgeon for a dad. *chuckles* How about you?

Allie: Well… I’m a cardiology person myself, but love the nervous system too. It’s just so fascinating to see how all that kind of stuff works. 

Laena: *nods* Exactly. And especially seeing how it works with and orders everything else.

Allie: Yeah. Everything’s gotta go through it. It’s our biological computer. *shrugs a little* 

Laena: That’s exactly what I was going to say. *laughs*

Allie: Really? *laughs* That’s great. You said you play piano?

Laena: *nods* Mhm.

Allie: Cool. I’m kind of halfway teaching myself how to play, but we don’t own a piano, so it makes it a little harder. What kind of songs do you like to play? 

Laena: That would make it tricky. *chuckles* I like classical piano pieces, mostly, but I also play some songs off the radio that my sister likes and we often do duets; I play piano, she does most of the singing. *chuckles*

Allie: I’m not a singer much either. I play the drums in my church band. It’s a good time. I’d love to learn how to play more instruments though, like the guitar. Someday I hope. *smiles a little* 

Laena: That’s cool! My sister plays some guitar. You’ve just got to carve out the time to learn and practice. *shrugs* It takes a lot of work, but I’ve found it’s almost always worth it.

Allie: Yeah. I love music. Someday… *pauses* Anyway, do you have a job? Even if it’s just for the summer. 

Laena: I have two volunteer positions. I work with my mom at a Grantech robotics lab and with my dad at the local hospital. Nothing I get officially paid for, but it’s working toward what I want to do, ultimately. *smiles*

Allie: Hey, I’ve volunteered at our local hospital too! Hopefully you didn’t have to wear a neon yellow polo shirt? 

Laena: *laughs* No. Neon blue scrubs. Much less garish, fortunately. I do have a couple of friends who have to wear yellow, though, in the neurological department.

Allie: Not bad. Much better than yellow, that’s for sure. I got to wear scrubs in one department, and they were a really pretty teal colour. So much more comfy than our regular uniforms. I’m a lifeguard now. So I wear sweatpants and a bathing suit all day. *laughs* 

Laena: Teal is nice. I’m told it goes with my hair. *tosses her auburn waves with grin* That doesn’t sound like the most uncomfortable uniform, but definitely not as comfy as scrubs. *chuckles*

Allie: I bet it would. *grins and shrugs* It’s not, that’s for sure. But I spend most of my time in a suit anyway. I’m on swim team. Do you play any sports?

Laena: Not officially, unless you count karate. But I do enjoy sports, in general. I’m one of those weird people who enjoys exercise. *laughs*

Allie: Yeah, that counts. I’m not a land sport kind of person. *laughs* I’m a swimmer for a reason. But I do love exercise myself, in a way. It’s cool, to me anyway, to feel my own body working. *smiles a little* It’s really something. 

Laena: *grins* I agree. And seeing so many stories, through my work, of people who need mechanical parts to replace those they’ve lost just makes me appreciate my own body that much more. I absolutely love that we have such easy access to bionic replacement limbs and that kind of thing, and that they’re so advanced, and I greatly admire the people who have to go through such transitions, but it’s also great to have an organically working body.

Allie: *grins and nods, rubbing the inside of her wrist with her thumb* Yeah, yeah. Me too. We’re not quite there yet where I’m from, but we’re developing more and more easy accessible prosthetics. *chuckles* Like I said, did a project on it. But, yeah. I just love the way my body works. How it’s art and music and all kind of things as well as a biological machine. Makes it extra cool to study. 

Laena: *nods and grins* That’s a really cool way of putting it.

Allie: Oh, thank you. *grins* Is there anything else you’d like to share? Or know, I suppose. 

Laena: *tilts head* What got you into cardiology?

Allie: *shrugs a little, fighting a warming face* It’s a long story. But I think the short answer is I’m not really sure how I fell in love with it. But I know I discovered my heartbeat first, and got all curious.

Laena: *nods* Fair enough. We’ll have to get coffee sometime and talk more. This has been fun. *smiles*

Allie: Yeah, we will. I’d love that. And thank you for letting me interview you, even if it did turn into more of a chat. *laughs* 

Laena: *shrugs* Chatting is better, anyway. *smiles*

Allie: That it is. *holds out a hand* it’s been a pleasure. 

Laena: *shakes hand* Likewise.


So yeah… we got along well. ;D And you best believe I’ll be pestering Autumn until I get a chance to get coffee with her. #Sciencefriends(evenifthey’refictional…XD)

I hope you enjoyed reading that as much as I did making it! Have a Stupendous Sunday!

~Of Rainy Days

(And now, a little bit about Archer herself ;D)

Fall 2019 pic portrait About the author:

R.M. Archer has been an avid reader since the time she could first make out words, and has always been a lover of story. That interest developed into a love of writing when she was seven (though those first attempts have long-since been incinerated), and she’s been pursuing a career as an author ever since. Archer combines her love for writing with a passion for her fellow youth and aims to write YA speculative fiction that shows teens that even their deepest-seated struggles can be overcome.

In addition to writing fiction, Archer keeps up a non-fiction blog of writing tips and book reviews.

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