Never Have I Ever Blog Tag

*peeks in*

So… I’m fully aware I haven’t posted since January, oops. Sorry guys. I know I have a few devoted readers who’ve been begging me to post, and I finally have a bit of time thanks to this whole coronavirus debacle and begin under a mandatory stay at home order.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about that! I’m here to talk about the blog tag I’ve been tagged for! Hurrah!

Without any further ado, lets hop into the Never Have I Ever Blog Tag!


1. Link and thank the blogger who tagged you.

Thank you, lovely Maple. 😀

2. Include the graphic somewhere in your post (or make your own)

I made my own. ^-^

3. Answer the questions truthfully and honestly

Will do!

4. Tag three bloggers

I honestly don’t who who HASN’T been tagged by now of whom I know…. so… I have no idea who I’m going to tag for this one. I guess read to the end?


1. Started a novel that I didn’t finish

Um… like all of them? XD I’ve never actually finished a full novel.

2. Written a novel completely by hand

I… started one? It was the first thing I ever tried to write and it was literally the worst thing on the face of this planet. As you might imagine, it didn’t get very far.

3. Changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft

Yes! My character Emryn Glaine was originally a boy. His name was Alexandre, which that name has gone on to a different character of mine. Nori was still Nori, but as a girl. I decided his name was unisex enough.

4. Written a story in a month or less

Yes! It was a novella, and one I publicized on here; Letters to my Heart. I wrote the whole thing in the month of February. … Kind of ironic if you as me. XD

5. Fallen asleep while writing.

No, actually. I’ve fallen asleep while RPing before, however.

6. Corrected someone’s grammar irl (in real life)/online.

 Yep. Yep, yep yep. Who hasn’t?

7. Yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of a novel.

YES. Usually in the comments section. It’s usually for dumb stuff like “THIS IS ENGLAND. THEY DO NOT USE FAHRENHEIT!” or “THIS DOESN’T EVEN MAKE SENSE???” or “SINCE WHEN ARE YOU EYES BLUE???”

8. Used “I’m writing” as an excuse.

Yep. XD “Allie, go do the dishes! Go work on your drivers ed! Go outside!” … but I’m writing mom! D:

9. Killed a character that was based on someone I know in real life.

No, actually. I have very few characters based on real people, nevertheless any who die.

10. Used pop culture references in a story.

Yes, but they’re usually pretty obscure and/or music related.

11. Written between the hours of 1 a.m. and 6 a.m.

When else can you write the completely captures the insanity and wonder of writing?

12. Drank an entire pot of coffee while writing.

I don’t drink a lot of coffee. Tea however…. many pots.

13. Written down dreams to use in potential novels.

Yes. I have a few WIPS that were spawned either directly from dreams or have pieces of them which are.

14. Published an unedited story on the Internet/my blog/Wattpad. 

I started to, a very long time ago. It had a itty bitty fanbase, actually. Once I realized how awful it was, I stopped. XD

15. Procrastinated homework/schoolwork because I wanted to write.

To be completely fair my stories are a *lot* more interesting than an WW1 poetry analysis essay…

16. Typed (or handwritten) so long that my wrists hurt.

Oh yeah. I’ve been there. Especially when writing. My typing writs seem pretty resilient so far *knock on wood*

17. Spilled a drink on my laptop/computer (or notebook or typewriter) while writing.

Not drink, but food. All. the. time. Maybe I should stop eating while writing…. nah. My fingers need the glucose so they can have energy for all my typing! 😉

18. Forgotten to save my work/draft.

Ouch. Yeah, this has happened. It’s one of the main reasons I now use almost exclusively Google Docs for my writing.

19. Finished writing a novel.

Not a novel, but a novella! ^-^

20. Laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene.

… maybe

21. Cried while writing a scene.

No, but I have come close a few times.

22. Created maps of my fictional worlds.

YES AND IT WAS SO FUN. I have the epic map of Midon, which is my fantasy world, and I love it SO much and am a very proud momma. ^-^

23. Researched something shady for my novel.

… *looks around for FBI* *whispers* yes

*sirens go off* *bullhorn is heard in background* *shuts shutters and hides in closet, whispering* i’m a writer, i swear…



Autumn over at Scribes and Archers


That’s, unfortunately all for today. D: Hopefully I’ll get back into posting regularly… soon. I hope you enjoyed this round of blog tag! See you next time. ^-^

~ Of Rainy Days


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