Social Distancing Support Tag

Hello friends! I have another tag for you all today. Since I’ve recently been hit by a blow I was not expecting due to Covid 19, I thought this tag would be appropriate.

This tag are created by Ariel over at Within the Static, and is a dear friend of mine, in fact, most of you know her as Autumn at Scribes and Archers! Yeah, she has two blogs, incredible human. ;D I was lucky enough to be tagged, so off we go!


  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you (Ariel). Link back to both that blog and the orginal blog ( Since both happen to fall in the same box, one tag works for me. ;D
  2. Answer the tag questions
  3. Tag 3-5 bloggers

1. What’s your current attitude toward COVID-19 and social distancing (honestly)?

Since we’re letting up at the time we’re doing this, I have somewhat mixed feelings. I don’t honestly hate it in some cases (like being able to tell creepy guys at work to back off because they’re within six feet of my station) but it’s also really obnoxious in others and I want to throw it in a fire. (Like when the powers that be in my city decide that our over double sized pool can only have 35 people in it, thus making my swim team move elsewhere because we can’t fit everyone in in the times they’ve given us.)

2. Has your schedule become busier or more open as a result of social distancing?

At first, it was more open. I had nothing to do but school and sit, but now that my job is reopen, I’m way more busy. Between work and swim practice, I’m lucky to eat.

3. If you were public schooled before COVID hit, how has your experience with homeschooling been (whatever that looks like for you)?

I go to a junior (community) college and am living at home at the moment, and as such, moving to distance learning wasn’t that hard, it just all became online classes after spring break. I absolutely hated it, because that’s not what school is about. I could write a whole post on why I hate online classes as forced distance learning, but this is not that time. I also just found out all my (scheduled in person!) classes have been moved to online and I want to break something.

4. If you were already homeschooled, how has COVID affected you or not?

Doesn’t apply. XD Though my one online class didn’t change a smidge.

5. How are you staying connected with people?

Mainly online. I’m a huge introvert and you could lock me in a library for a year and never let me see a soul and I probably wouldn’t complain. However, my swim team has been a source of comfort for all of us. It gives us a chance to see people outside our families so we don’t go insane.

6. How do you wish people would connect with you?

I don’t have a love language. ;D I’m not the biggest connection person. *shrugs* I enjoy people, but I have no preferred way of connection. I kind of wish I did.

7. What has been the most difficult part of social distancing?

I hate staying at home. Okay, I don’t *hate* it, but I’m a very active person. When everything just shut down and all of the sudden my very busy schedule dropped off the face of the earth? It was jarring. Not that I didn’t mind the rest and that God basically told everyone to breathe for a hot second, but I really missed being active. I also really miss being able to volunteer. It’s a very important thing to me and it fills my summers with so much joy. I really, really miss waking up at a dumb early time to put on my stupid bright yellow uniform to go work in a hospital for nothing. XD It sounds like a waste of time, but I adore it and my summer feels so incomplete without it.

8. Have any blessings come out of it?

I can’t name one, but I wouldn’t say none have. Oh, just kidding, I can. It gave my mom and I an opportunity to travel and visit family for two weeks, so that was super awesome. Sure, there wasn’t much to do, but playing cards and staring and four different walls than the walls I was staring at was a total blessing. Also, I got a ton more books. ;D

9. What’s been most encouraging to you through social distancing?

YouTube. ;D I’ve already been such a YouTube fiend since I could have an account, but everyone on there (at least, that I follow) has been doing their best to keep us all entertained and supported during quarantine. It’s been a bright spot in my life for a long time, and the past few months have been no different.

10. Have you learned anything new or made any accomplishments during this time? (Even small ones)

I honestly have no idea. I do know my mental health has improved since my schedule ceased to basically be me giving everything I had every single day. It gave me time to sit and reflect. Also I’ve gotten a ton more Driver’s Ed done. XD

11. Is there anything you want to achieve or learn or do before social distancing ends?

I really wanted to learn how to play guitar, but I don’t think that’s going to happen now. D: I had a lot of summer plans before quarantine and very few of them happened. If I had known it was coming and if I lived alone, I think I would have done a lot more.


And, I think that’s it for this one! I think since I was so late to the party I don’t have anyone to tag for this one. :/

Have a great Friday!

~ Allie


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