Writing Community Award

Hello all! It’s been a bit, so I have another tag for you all. 🙂 Let’s get into it!


1. Display the award logo on your site. (It’s the cover ;D)

2. Link back to the person who tagged you. (Thank you much Autumn from Scribes and Archers!)

3. Answer five questions.

4. Tag three blogs (they have to be writing related blogs, not just any blogs) and ask them five new questions.

5. Follow as many blogs with this award as you can.


  1. What do you most enjoy about writing?
    I love the process developing of characters and worlds. I hate plotting, so much. My stories tend to be very character and world driven, and plotting… sucks. LOL There’s a reason why I don’t have very many completely stories. I’m such a pantser, even if I try to make plans. But delving into characters and worlds and all those kinds of things I just adore.
  2. What’s something you want to work into a story one day? (A trope, a character, a situation, a worldbuilding element…)
    I actually have many! I’d love to write in a festival, a professor/rich person’s personal tutor character who knows more than he lets on and lives and works in a mysterious observatory/chemist tower/etc., a story that takes place on a boat, etc. I have all kinds of things I hope to write. 🙂
  3. Do you listen to music while you write?
    I do not! I find it to kind of be a waste of both enjoying writing and music. I prefer ambiances, actually! Like the ones by Miracle Forest, Autumn Cozy, and Calmed by Nature. Favourites of mine are coffee shops and libraries. 🙂 I 10/10 recommend.
  4. Do you enjoy or dread the editing process?
    I actually haven’t done much editing, but so far it’s been fun. Even so, so far I much prefer the writing process. I’m currently working on an editing project, so we’ll see how I like it when that’s all done. ;D
  5. Who’s your favorite of your own characters?
    That’s like asking a mother to choose from her children! D: How could you? I honestly don’t know if I can choose. I love my contemporary pairs, Hawk and Zyn, and Will and Ami, but I also love Emryn and Nori, my high fantasy MCs. The list goes on. XD Oops.

– Lavender Bleu at Always Write the Good Write
– EJ at Bleeding Ink 
– Adria Avalon at The Works of Adria Avalon 


  1. What’s your favourite genre to write?
  2. Have you ever written a story you regret writing? If so, why do you regret it?
  3. What is your favourite writing trope?
  4. Do you look forward or dread sitting down to work on a story?
  5. What story are you most excited to let other people read/publish?

I guess that’s all for this Tuesday! I hope you all are safe and happy! Have an amazing week. 🙂
~ Allie

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