My New Journal/Planner!

Hi everyone! I have something new and different for this week that I thought could be kind of fun to share! Recently I discovered I have a lot of old and ugly notebooks I’ll never use, but know could be useful. And even more recently I’ve realized I have to keep track of my life so I don’t lose my mind. So I put two and two together and pulled out a notebook I thought would be the right size.

Only problem?

It was really not my style. It wasn’t ugly. It was pink and black and had some cheesy saying like ‘follow your heart’ on it. I wish I had taken pictures through the whole process, because I was really proud of what I thought of. I’ve been more into DIY stuff as far as my room’s concerned lately because I am a broke college student trying to save up for when I’m an even more broke med student so old mason jars as pencils holders or flooring cork cut to fit and macgyvered to my bed with yarn and a stapler to make a corkboard?? Perfect! So why not do the same to this journal that needs a wee bit of help?

I did some Pinterest research and decided to paint it and use it kind of like a planner/bullet journal all rolled into one! I painted it black and brown, put a pretty sticker on the front, attached a ribbon for a bookmark, sharpied the elastic that keeps it closed and voila! It doesn’t look like even close to the same journal!

No description available.

I’m so, so proud of it! I have a little bookshelf waiting to be filled with my reads, and a key to my mood tracker and seasonal colours! And then I have this blank page. If anyone has ideas what to do with said page, let me know. XD Maybe I should look more into bullet journaling for ideas.

No description available.

And then my weeks! Each has a set of weekly goals, and then each day and the weekend, followed by a Weekly Overview! Every Sunday, I sit down, look over what needs to get done that week for school, work, etc and plan out what needs to go where so I can stay on top of my due dates, assignments, projects, and washing my work uniform. I have my mood heart, daily goals, and a little section to write down something good that happened that day! It can be small or big, that’s the beauty of it. Today’s (Saturday’s) was that this one really obnoxious family that usually comes in for lap swim wasn’t there. XD I plan on taping in art or pictures or whatever else I deemed important from that day. I’m very excited for it, and I’m so happy I got to show you all!

No description available.
No description available.

ps. there’s also this little hidden pocket in the back that can fit exactly 14 index cards. ;D

No description available.

I’m loving my new journal, and it really help me stay organized! I hope I can stay on top of it because it helps so much. If you’re a college student, or anyone with a messy brain, and you’re looking for a fun way to keep track of the impossible, maybe find an old journal, hit the Pinterest, and see what inspires you! It’s both practical and relaxing, because you know where everything is all at once. My brain goes about a million miles an hour, and this helps me keep track of things ahead of time, to give my mind a bit of a hand. Keeps me on track, and honestly, less stressed double checking deadlines because I have everything already double and triple checked ahead of time so all I have to do is the work. Frees up a lot of thinking time.

I hope this post has inspired you in way way or another! Keep kicking butt, my lovelies!

~ Of Rainy Days

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