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#BloggerCheckIn Winter/Spring 2021/2022

Hello everyone!

I would like to quickly apologize for my absence. I had many post planned that never seemed to make it out into the world. My last semester of college was so busy that most weeks I was lucky to eat and sleep. I was taking 18 credits, which doesn’t seem like much, but any of my college friends will know that 18 is a lot, especially with the kinds of classes I was taking. Listen kids, don’t take two sciences with a lab at once if you can help it. You will want to die.

Overall, the past few months have been great and rather successful! I did well in my classes, and am actually spending the summer doing a medical-based research internship at a medical school in my home state. I wasn’t expecting to get in when I applied, but here I am! It’s only been a few weeks, but I’ve already learned so much, and am honestly having the time of my life! Way more than I would have been lifeguarding and taking classes over the summer. Not only am I gaining valuable clinical experience and learning more about the field I eventually want to be in, but I’m also gaining life skills, like how to navigate a city, cook for myself, and what to do if someone steals my pan because I accidentally left it in the kitchen overnight. I have just the right balance of free time, working, and learning. I’ve been reading a ton, and am even currently reading two books at once, something I haven’t done in a while. I will make my Summer Read List longer this year! I am determined.

I’m going to try my best to have a somewhat regular upload schedule for the rest of the summer before classes begin again in the fall. I keep saying this, and I keep being wrong, but one of these days it’s bound to stick, right? I have a few posts planned that, fingers crossed, with actually come out in a reasonable amount of time!

I hope to be back with you guys soon, posting and sharing what I’ve been up to and some thoughts on some media I’ve recently been enjoying. Thank you all for your patience!! In the meantime, I’ll leave you guys with a fun question you can answer if you’d like:
What is your favourite summer/hot weather drink?

(Personally, mine is an iced matcha latte with raspberry syrup from Starbucks.)

Have a stupendous Saturday!

~Of Rain Days

(p.s. yes, I did change the format of my post cover – this was intentional and will likely continue to look like this until I pick a final design, upon which I will go back and change all post covers to match. ^-^ Thank you for you patiences as I – once again – redesign my blog space)


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