So, 2020 Was A Thing…

What a year, am I right? A lot of things I wanted to do this year that... didn't happen thanks to the situation that keeps on giving like an evil Santa Clause. I had a lot of goals and dreams for 2020. I was going to get my drivers license, for one thing, and here... Continue Reading →

2019 Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends and followers! I know that I haven't been very consistent posting recently, and I apologize for that. I know neither my December nor my November #BloggerCheckIn posts went up. I know this is the first post you’ve seen from me in over two months, and I'm sorry.... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn October

Yep. It's November. Sorry guys. You see, I have this thing called college and it eats time like drier aliens eat socks. ;D Thankfully, I have friends who have blogs who remind me that I, too, have one of these things and should be writing things on here. XD October went by in a blur.... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn June & July 2019

June was busy as heck. Between, you know, graduating high school, starting my volunteer work, swim practice (six times a week), swim meets, and preparing for camp, I have been a mess. XD Not to mention my air conditioner went out this month. That was fun. July is... even busier. XD With camp starting it... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn May 2O19

*flops and curls up in a corner* I am exhausted, you guys. XD This past week has been amazing, and exausting. As I write, I just got home from my final night of performing my schools spring musical, Beauty and the Beast Jr. It was a blast and a heartache, and everyone got sick. It was... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn April 2O19

Ah, April. It finally freezes for the last time and the weather finally gives way to Rain. In all honestly though, we have not had much rain lately. It must be waiting until July so it can thunderstorm alllll our swim meets away. 😉 Its been beautiful weather where I am. I love this kind... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn March 2O19

Hello my peoples! It is another crazy month, that is for sure. Now, I said that February had wacky weather, I clearly forgot about March. Forget bringing of the week is spring and by Friday we have no school, more like Monday has a foot of snow and ice down, and by Wednesday its warm enough... Continue Reading →

#BlogerCheckIn Febuary 2O19

Hello friends! A happy February to you. February is full of so many things for being our shortest month out of the year. Its Black History Month, a month to celebrate love and friendships, and (my personal favourite of course) National Cardiac Awareness month. Two of our most famous presidents were born, a groundhog predicts... Continue Reading →

Our New Year, 2019

Happy New Year my friends and followers! It is truly wonderful to be able to begin a new year in the world. A fresh start, a new chance to begin and take control of the things that seem to be getting away from us. A new year is a unique oppertunity to seize and live! Anyway,... Continue Reading →

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