Killing Fear

There are people out there whom fear can kill.  A  rare condition known as Long QT Syndrome afflicts a small part of the population. This condition can cause fatal arrhythmias or seizures that can come from being startled. This could be from anything.  A loud car horn, a shout, Perhaps even test anxiety could bring... Continue Reading →

What Are Hearts?

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a post I have been delaying for some time now, as you all know, I have a deep love for cardiology. I believe that this description is a really deep insight into how I feel about hearts, and how I see them. I hope you get something out of this,... Continue Reading →


What does it feel like" you wonder "To the hear the words "Your (precious family member) has cancer?" It's awful. It's miserable. It makes you feel like there's this big black hole nestled under your ribcage. It makes an exaustiing day even more tiring, for there is almost nothing worst than hearing the word 'cancer'. It... Continue Reading →

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