Deeply Grey

(written one very, very early morning at work when the lighting of the predawn out the window caught my eye and called my heart) The grey before the sun can riseIs the deepest grey of all.It holds the tales of quiet places Of empty, forlorn halls.  It speaks of hospitals and their strange hoursPlaces where time... Continue Reading →


(this poem thing was partially inspired by 100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons and by working outside all summer. I have no idea what it means. Enjoy!) Summer is so many things not expected.  It is the splash of cold water on a cloudy morning before the heat kicks in. It is the warmth... Continue Reading →

When I Cannot Speak

When I cannot speak I write.  Though, often, I am not sure what I write. Sometimes I write letters, as if talking to an old friend who understands every intention and love tucked inside my chest. I write as if they could respond. As if they hear me. I tell of the dumb, strange thing... Continue Reading →

Killing Fear

There are people out there whom fear can kill.  A  rare condition known as Long QT Syndrome afflicts a small part of the population. This condition can cause fatal arrhythmias or seizures that can come from being startled. This could be from anything.  A loud car horn, a shout, Perhaps even test anxiety could bring... Continue Reading →

A Quick Wish…

I wish I could sing or make music with my voice. To let each song I sing give life to the next person. I wish I could dance and make music with my body. To leap and soar and spin and turn my whole person into the expression of a song. A flurry of emotion.... Continue Reading →

The Storms

Once thought to be wrath of gods living in clouds, they shoot daggers of light and shake the earth and send daggers down into the world or our fleeting moralities. Nothing was more powerful than the wrath of a higher power. Someone had wronged the gods of our sun and stars, and now they were... Continue Reading →

A Swimmer’s Sky

When the sky is on fire everyone knows it. Lane one through six. Its like someone took a paintbrush and dipped in pinks and lilacs and midnights, as you stand there in between sets and stare into those paint-strip clouds and wonder who the painter was that night. As you kick on your back toward... Continue Reading →


One day, we come across something that stills our breath. Our eyes land upon it and all of a sudden all those secret thoughts of space and art and song that we harbored in our dreams of looking up at the moon flood back into our minds. We find something we love is mentioned and... Continue Reading →

What Are Hearts?

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a post I have been delaying for some time now, as you all know, I have a deep love for cardiology. I believe that this description is a really deep insight into how I feel about hearts, and how I see them. I hope you get something out of this,... Continue Reading →

Christmastime; An Observation

The first signs of Christmas come when you're not expecting them. You step into your local craft store and instead of the usual scents of pencils and wood and dust, the smells of cinnamon and cloves wrap around you like a blanket. The gentle melodies of Christmas music tinkle in your ear as you stand,... Continue Reading →

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