What Are Words?

And today, this Tuesday of December, I bring to you definitely not something I wanted for NaNo season... the third installment of the "What Are _____"s series! Today I bring you one of my favourites: The one on words. Expressing the power of words using words, this is bound to be some adventure. *wipes forehead*  ************* And... Continue Reading →

What Are Dreams…

Per Syberyah's request, the next installment in the What are ____s series! Today, we visit dreams. ^-^ I remember when I wrote this one too. Ahhh, how lovely are the days when you get to visit family and then get insulted by your father in font of them. Ahh, yes. Anyway. Dreams. ^-^ (A million dreams... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 5

I tugged on the stiff blue fabric of my dress as we walked up the long white staircase to the grand entrance of the castle. This was the fanciest thing I'd put on yet, but Peony insisted. With her big, pleading eyes she had insisted. What could I do but give in? My still-thin figure... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts: Wk.2 days 1-2

Ahhhhhhhhhh *runs around screaming* It'sTuesdaymorningandIthoughtyesterdaywasSaturdaysonowit'slike8amandIhavetocomeupwithsomeinggggggD: Sorry guys this is late, but I literally JUST remembered it was Tuesday because I thought it was Monday and XP. So here, have a quick post before this thing is super lateeee. ;P Anywayyy, today starts my documentation of Week Two 😀 of the Preptober Prompts, which are some of... Continue Reading →


A concept: The world around you is quiet. All you hear is your breathing and the soft breeze. They almost blend together. The tall grass of a field rimmed in towering green oaks. You feel safe. A butterfly lights on your arm. Two. Three. One on the top of your head, and one, finally on... Continue Reading →

As Christ We Are

A few months ago I went to summer camp. The first one I go to in the summer, and the one without my best friend (the other one will undoubtedly come up). At the end of the week my counselor, who is my current favourite to date,  layed out some mini-devos books out on the... Continue Reading →

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