Social Distancing Support Tag

Hello friends! I have another tag for you all today. Since I've recently been hit by a blow I was not expecting due to Covid 19, I thought this tag would be appropriate. This tag are created by Ariel over at Within the Static, and is a dear friend of mine, in fact, most of... Continue Reading →

Leibster Blog Award #2 and Sunshine Blog Award #1

Welcome welcome to today's blog tag! I know I've already done this tag, but the questions are different every time, so I don't mind. I head the Sunshine Blog tag is similar, and I've been tagged for both, so let's do it! Thanks again to the awesome Autumn for this round tag! & Leibster RULES: ... Continue Reading →

Never Have I Ever Blog Tag

*peeks in* So... I'm fully aware I haven't posted since January, oops. Sorry guys. I know I have a few devoted readers who've been begging me to post, and I finally have a bit of time thanks to this whole coronavirus debacle and begin under a mandatory stay at home order. Anyway, I'm not here... Continue Reading →

Book Buddy Colab Tag!

(no, that's not actually us in the cover, but it's our personality to a T ;D) So, as the title of this new and wonderful tag suggests, this one is a collab! It's  all about picking a friend of yours and answering questions about them and their love of books. I picked my super long... Continue Reading →

The Heroes of Legend Character Tag

Welcome to tag #1,426 that I dint know I was nominated for into until I was cleaning out my wayyy messy email inbox. XD Anyway, today I bring you the Heroes of Legend character tag (in case you decided not to read the title for some odd reason. XD}. I'm really excited for this one.... Continue Reading →

The 20 Questions Book Tag

Can anyone say “Tags for Days”? XD I love tags, so I hope you guys aren't getting tired of them. I'm sure no one is surprised, that, yet again, the lovely Autumn over at Scribes and Archers has nominated me. I'm so lucky to have a blogger friend like her who constantly gives me content that's... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Tooth Book Tag

So, I find myself, nominated for another tag. I knew this blog business would get me into all kinds of trouble. 😉 Anyway, thanks to Archer over at Scribes and Archers, I bring to you the cavity-inducing wonderfullness that is this tag! Rules: Thank and link back to the person who tagged you Link back... Continue Reading →

The Marvelous Music Tag

So. Autumn is crediting me with this one, but she's the one who started the tag of musical goodness that I was tagged to do. So, thanks Autumn! This is my first tag, so that's exciting! ^-^ Here are this tag's rules: Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog. Share... Continue Reading →

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