Summer Reads 2019 Follow-Up

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but I just finished the last book I needed to write it (I know, over a year later, sue me. D:). So I'm here to follow up with some cliffhangers I left after my overview of my summer reads from last year. Unfortunately, due to... Continue Reading →

The 20 Questions Book Tag #2

It's been a little over a year since I first did this tag, but I decided doing it over again wouldn't hurt, especially because I was tagged by the fabulous Syberyah over at atTAGirl! I love supporting new bloggers (even though this is my first) and this one is extra special, as she is the... Continue Reading →

When I Cannot Speak

When I cannot speak I write.  Though, often, I am not sure what I write. Sometimes I write letters, as if talking to an old friend who understands every intention and love tucked inside my chest. I write as if they could respond. As if they hear me. I tell of the dumb, strange thing... Continue Reading →

2019 Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends and followers! I know that I haven't been very consistent posting recently, and I apologize for that. I know neither my December nor my November #BloggerCheckIn posts went up. I know this is the first post you’ve seen from me in over two months, and I'm sorry.... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn October

Yep. It's November. Sorry guys. You see, I have this thing called college and it eats time like drier aliens eat socks. ;D Thankfully, I have friends who have blogs who remind me that I, too, have one of these things and should be writing things on here. XD October went by in a blur.... Continue Reading →

One Year!

Hi everyone! *bounces a little*  Many of you have joined our tiny corner of the world in the last year. Well, maybe not many, but there are a few of you now, which is more than I could say a year ago today. A year ago today, my friend, the marvelous Autumn made this blog... Continue Reading →

The Imaginary Assistant Tag!

Hello friends and welcome to another blog post. Today is another **exciting** tag brought to you by... someone. But brought to me by Autumn! (because who else is going to be nominating me for these things? ;D) Lets get into it. RULES: 1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog (assistants... Continue Reading →

A Swimmer’s Sky

When the sky is on fire everyone knows it. Lane one through six. Its like someone took a paintbrush and dipped in pinks and lilacs and midnights, as you stand there in between sets and stare into those paint-strip clouds and wonder who the painter was that night. As you kick on your back toward... Continue Reading →

The Heroes of Legend Character Tag

Welcome to tag #1,426 that I dint know I was nominated for into until I was cleaning out my wayyy messy email inbox. XD Anyway, today I bring you the Heroes of Legend character tag (in case you decided not to read the title for some odd reason. XD}. I'm really excited for this one.... Continue Reading →

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