Small Personal Curiosities

She starts bullet journals, two weeks into JanuarySo they don’t have to be perfect. She reads poetry only found far down on social media,The kind where truths are buried only for the 3 am world weary,To help her when she’s lonely. She holds a stethoscope to her own chest, listening to the endless tapping,So it... Continue Reading →

So, 2020 Was A Thing…

What a year, am I right? A lot of things I wanted to do this year that... didn't happen thanks to the situation that keeps on giving like an evil Santa Clause. I had a lot of goals and dreams for 2020. I was going to get my drivers license, for one thing, and here... Continue Reading →

Summer Reads 2019 Follow-Up

I've been meaning to write this post for a while, but I just finished the last book I needed to write it (I know, over a year later, sue me. D:). So I'm here to follow up with some cliffhangers I left after my overview of my summer reads from last year. Unfortunately, due to... Continue Reading →

The 20 Questions Book Tag #2

It's been a little over a year since I first did this tag, but I decided doing it over again wouldn't hurt, especially because I was tagged by the fabulous Syberyah over at atTAGirl! I love supporting new bloggers (even though this is my first) and this one is extra special, as she is the... Continue Reading →

When I Cannot Speak

When I cannot speak I write.  Though, often, I am not sure what I write. Sometimes I write letters, as if talking to an old friend who understands every intention and love tucked inside my chest. I write as if they could respond. As if they hear me. I tell of the dumb, strange thing... Continue Reading →

2019 Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends and followers! I know that I haven't been very consistent posting recently, and I apologize for that. I know neither my December nor my November #BloggerCheckIn posts went up. I know this is the first post you’ve seen from me in over two months, and I'm sorry.... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn October

Yep. It's November. Sorry guys. You see, I have this thing called college and it eats time like drier aliens eat socks. ;D Thankfully, I have friends who have blogs who remind me that I, too, have one of these things and should be writing things on here. XD October went by in a blur.... Continue Reading →

One Year!

Hi everyone! *bounces a little*  Many of you have joined our tiny corner of the world in the last year. Well, maybe not many, but there are a few of you now, which is more than I could say a year ago today. A year ago today, my friend, the marvelous Autumn made this blog... Continue Reading →

The Imaginary Assistant Tag!

Hello friends and welcome to another blog post. Today is another **exciting** tag brought to you by... someone. But brought to me by Autumn! (because who else is going to be nominating me for these things? ;D) Lets get into it. RULES: 1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog (assistants... Continue Reading →

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