A Quick Wish…

I wish I could sing or make music with my voice. To let each song I sing give life to the next person. I wish I could dance and make music with my body. To leap and soar and spin and turn my whole person into the expression of a song. A flurry of emotion.... Continue Reading →


The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles Short Story Collection Book Review

This is it, Its finally here! The amazing R. M. Archer, also known as Autumn at Scribes and Archers, also also known as my best friend, has published her first collection of stories that take place in the same world. Its not her first story collection, but it is one she has been working on for months... Continue Reading →

Cyber, One Of My Camp NaNoWriMo projects

As a writer, my brain is never short on useless story ideas. But sometimes, those ideas actually turn out to be something interesting. Over the past month of writing sadness, I have come up with four story ideas. Two I haven't touched, one I started outlining and them stopped, and one... One is Cyber. Cyber... Continue Reading →

Its Done!

You won't believe it boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen! I did it! I finished my very first writing project! Sure, sure, its not a novel, but it is a novella. Letters to My Heart is officially finished, and is currently going through its first pass of edits. I currently have no plans to publish... Continue Reading →

Letters to My Heart

Yes, oh dear, another story?! Allie, how could you? I know, I know XD But I couldn't help myself. Letters to My Heart is a story about A guy and a girl living a sea town in rural England. After a fairly new surgery called a live heart transplant where both donor and recipient live,... Continue Reading →

November November November!

Welcome, this our eleventh month of the year 2018! ;D With the start of the new month brings the end of Preptober and the beginning of the main event itself *do dododo dooooo* Nanowrimo! 😀 My current wordcount? 1,000. *facepalms* I know I know. D: And we're already 5 days in! I'll try and keep... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk.4 Day 6

It's the last day, can you believe it? D: I have had so much fun with the prompts this month, and this week especially. I don't know if I'm sufficiently prepped for Nanowrimo (I don't think I ever will be Lol) but I had had a blast and that's what counts, right? I can't wait... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 5

I tugged on the stiff blue fabric of my dress as we walked up the long white staircase to the grand entrance of the castle. This was the fanciest thing I'd put on yet, but Peony insisted. With her big, pleading eyes she had insisted. What could I do but give in? My still-thin figure... Continue Reading →

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