What Are Dreams…

Per Syberyah's request, the next installment in the What are ____s series! Today, we visit dreams. ^-^ I remember when I wrote this one too. Ahhh, how lovely are the days when you get to visit family and then get insulted by your father in font of them. Ahh, yes. Anyway. Dreams. ^-^ (A million dreams... Continue Reading →


Preptober Prompts Wk.4 Day 6

It's the last day, can you believe it? D: I have had so much fun with the prompts this month, and this week especially. I don't know if I'm sufficiently prepped for Nanowrimo (I don't think I ever will be Lol) but I had had a blast and that's what counts, right? I can't wait... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 5

I tugged on the stiff blue fabric of my dress as we walked up the long white staircase to the grand entrance of the castle. This was the fanciest thing I'd put on yet, but Peony insisted. With her big, pleading eyes she had insisted. What could I do but give in? My still-thin figure... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 3!

"Darn it, I know it's in here!" I murmured, digging through my closet, looking for my soft maroon sweater. Baby it's cold outside. And I'm out of pants, and I can't wear these leggings to school without a long sweater. Mom JUST did laundry. I shoved my guitar and formal wear out of the way.... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 2

Oh boy. XD I didn't peg Riley as one to love candy corn. Well, here we go! *************    "Riley, what is that God-awful stuff you have in your hands?" Arizona snatched the small package of candy corn Riley had bought at the small convenience store they stopped at. "We're almost out of cash, and... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 1

It's here! It's here! My week of wonderful Flash Fiction prompts to end out our Nano prep month. Of course, after this week, there is still a few more days of October during which there will be no prompts, so I encourage you to come up with your own. 🙂 For this week, I will... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 3 Days 3-6

Happy Sunday you all! If all goes well, you're reading this on Sunday morning (or afternoon) with a nice cup of tea cozy that you don't have school/work today. If all goes poorly, it's Monday and this didn't get logged in time. So I really hope it's Sunday. XD Starting tomorrow is my week of... Continue Reading →

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