2019 Wrap-Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my friends and followers! I know that I haven't been very consistent posting recently, and I apologize for that. I know neither my December nor my November #BloggerCheckIn posts went up. I know this is the first post you’ve seen from me in over two months, and I'm sorry.... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn October

Yep. It's November. Sorry guys. You see, I have this thing called college and it eats time like drier aliens eat socks. ;D Thankfully, I have friends who have blogs who remind me that I, too, have one of these things and should be writing things on here. XD October went by in a blur.... Continue Reading →

My Summer Reads 2019

I read a lot in the summer. And I do mean, a lot. Due to my volunteering usually being decently boring, I often have long stretches of time between answering call bells, restocking linens, or taking vitals. But more on my volunteering in a future post (It was supposed to be in #BloggerCheckIn for August... but... Continue Reading →

Book Buddy Colab Tag!

(no, that's not actually us in the cover, but it's our personality to a T ;D) So, as the title of this new and wonderful tag suggests, this one is a collab! It's  all about picking a friend of yours and answering questions about them and their love of books. I picked my super long... Continue Reading →

One Year!

Hi everyone! *bounces a little*  Many of you have joined our tiny corner of the world in the last year. Well, maybe not many, but there are a few of you now, which is more than I could say a year ago today. A year ago today, my friend, the marvelous Autumn made this blog... Continue Reading →

The Imaginary Assistant Tag!

Hello friends and welcome to another blog post. Today is another **exciting** tag brought to you by... someone. But brought to me by Autumn! (because who else is going to be nominating me for these things? ;D) Lets get into it. RULES: 1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog (assistants... Continue Reading →

A Quick Wish…

I wish I could sing or make music with my voice. To let each song I sing give life to the next person. I wish I could dance and make music with my body. To leap and soar and spin and turn my whole person into the expression of a song. A flurry of emotion.... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn June & July 2019

June was busy as heck. Between, you know, graduating high school, starting my volunteer work, swim practice (six times a week), swim meets, and preparing for camp, I have been a mess. XD Not to mention my air conditioner went out this month. That was fun. July is... even busier. XD With camp starting it... Continue Reading →

The Storms

Once thought to be wrath of gods living in clouds, they shoot daggers of light and shake the earth and send daggers down into the world or our fleeting moralities. Nothing was more powerful than the wrath of a higher power. Someone had wronged the gods of our sun and stars, and now they were... Continue Reading →

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