Hello! My name is Allie and this is my blog.

I’m  just a teenage reader, a dreamer, Christian and an observer of my world. I have a love for both the stars, books, and the peculiar beauty of the human heart. (Yes, hearts, those weird muscular organs in our chests that circulate our blood.) I dream of being a cardiac researcher for NASA someday, but don’t let my love of the scientific fields fool you into thinking I don’t have an artistic side. I like to draw and paint quite a bit, as well as having a flair for writing. If I could drive, you’d often find me in small cafes and libraries, reading, writing strange poetic reflections, drinking tea, and listening to music.

This blog is a collection of thoughts and observations about the world, about myself, about culture… about anything, really. They may not have an end goal, they may be mostly rambling, but hopefully they’ll be interesting and thought-provoking. I’m also hoping to share some of my writings, but this is not strictly a writing blog. It’ll be a little bit of everything, and you can expect posts once or twice a week, Tuesday (primarily) and Friday. The exception being the month of October, where there is a good chance I’ll be more busy and you can expect more like 3-5 posts per, as it is a huge collab month for a lot of my blogger friends. But as I am a busy soon-to-be college student, I make no promises, only hopes and tries. ;D

Thanks for reading and joining me!

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