#BloggerCheckIn March 2O19

Hello my peoples! It is another crazy month, that is for sure. Now, I said that February had wacky weather, I clearly forgot about March. Forget bringing of the week is spring and by Friday we have no school, more like Monday has a foot of snow and ice down, and by Wednesday its warm enough... Continue Reading →

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Randoms Trilogy Book Review

Okay, so, disclaimer. These books came out a year apart and I read them about as such, so my memories of the first two books aren't the most perfect in the world, but I didn't want to go back and re~read them just for the sake of this review. ALSO the views in the post... Continue Reading →

Cyber, One Of My Camp NaNoWriMo projects

As a writer, my brain is never short on useless story ideas. But sometimes, those ideas actually turn out to be something interesting. Over the past month of writing sadness, I have come up with four story ideas. Two I haven't touched, one I started outlining and them stopped, and one... One is Cyber. Cyber... Continue Reading →

The 20 Questions Book Tag

Can anyone say “Tags for Days”? XD I love tags, so I hope you guys aren't getting tired of them. I'm sure no one is surprised, that, yet again, the lovely Autumn over at Scribes and Archers has nominated me. I'm so lucky to have a blogger friend like her who constantly gives me content that's... Continue Reading →

The Leibster Blog Award

One of the coolest thing about being a blogger is getting nominated for things you didn't know existed. XD Per usual, the fabulous Autumn over at Scribes and Archers has nominated me for this blog tag. So, lets get into it! THE RULES Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you. (thanks Autumn!) Answer the 11 questions... Continue Reading →

Its Done!

You won't believe it boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen! I did it! I finished my very first writing project! Sure, sure, its not a novel, but it is a novella. Letters to My Heart is officially finished, and is currently going through its first pass of edits. I currently have no plans to publish... Continue Reading →

#BlogerCheckIn Febuary 2O19

Hello friends! A happy February to you. February is full of so many things for being our shortest month out of the year. Its Black History Month, a month to celebrate love and friendships, and (my personal favourite of course) National Cardiac Awareness month. Two of our most famous presidents were born, a groundhog predicts... Continue Reading →

Letters to My Heart

Yes, oh dear, another story?! Allie, how could you? I know, I know XD But I couldn't help myself. Letters to My Heart is a story about A guy and a girl living a sea town in rural England. After a fairly new surgery called a live heart transplant where both donor and recipient live,... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Tooth Book Tag

So, I find myself, nominated for another tag. I knew this blog business would get me into all kinds of trouble. 😉 Anyway, thanks to Archer over at Scribes and Archers, I bring to you the cavity-inducing wonderfullness that is this tag! Rules: Thank and link back to the person who tagged you Link back... Continue Reading →

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