Our New Year, 2019

Happy New Year my friends and followers! It is truly wonderful to be able to begin a new year in the world. A fresh start, a new chance to begin and take control of the things that seem to be getting away from us. A new year is a unique oppertunity¬†to seize and live! Anyway,... Continue Reading →

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Letters to My Heart

Yes, oh dear, another story?! Allie, how could you? I know, I know XD But I couldn't help myself. Letters to My Heart is a story about A guy and a girl living a sea town in rural England. After a fairly new surgery called a live heart transplant where both donor and recipient live,... Continue Reading →

The Sweet Tooth Book Tag

So, I find myself, nominated for another tag. I knew this blog business would get me into all kinds of trouble. ūüėČ Anyway, thanks to Archer over at Scribes and Archers, I bring to you the cavity-inducing wonderfullness that is this tag! Rules: Thank and link back to the person who tagged you Link back... Continue Reading →

What Are Hearts?

Happy Friday everyone! This has been a post I have been delaying for some time now, as you all know, I have a deep love for cardiology.¬†I believe that this description is a really deep insight into how I feel about hearts, and how I see them. I hope you get something out of this,... Continue Reading →

Christmastime; An Observation

The first signs of Christmas come when you're not expecting them. You step into your local craft store and instead of the usual scents of pencils and wood and dust, the smells of cinnamon and cloves wrap around you like a blanket. The gentle melodies of Christmas music tinkle in your ear as you stand,... Continue Reading →

What Are Words?

And today, this Tuesday of December, I bring to you¬†definitely not something I wanted for NaNo season...¬†the third installment of the "What Are _____"s series! Today I bring you one of my favourites: The one on words. Expressing the power of words using words, this is bound to be some adventure. *wipes forehead*¬† ************* And... Continue Reading →


What does it feel like"¬†you wonder "To the hear the words "Your (precious family member) has cancer?" It's awful. It's miserable. It makes you feel like there's this big black hole nestled under your ribcage. It makes an exaustiing day even more tiring, for there is almost nothing worst than hearing the word 'cancer'. It... Continue Reading →

Interview With the Blogger

Okay, so. I saw some other cool blogger people do this. I think it was a originally a tag? I honestly don't know. But I liked it, so we're going to do that. Woo. ūüėÄ Also, thank you to Autumn at Scribes & Archers for being my interviewer. I know, I talk a lot about... Continue Reading →

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