#BloggerCheckIn May 2O19

*flops and curls up in a corner* I am exhausted, you guys. XD This past week has been amazing, and exausting. As I write, I just got home from my final night of performing my schools spring musical, Beauty and the Beast Jr. It was a blast and a heartache, and everyone got sick. It was... Continue Reading →

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The Storms

Once thought to be wrath of gods living in clouds, they shoot daggers of light and shake the earth and send daggers down into the world or our fleeting moralities. Nothing was more powerful than the wrath of a higher power. Someone had wronged the gods of our sun and stars, and now they were... Continue Reading →

A Swimmer’s Sky

When the sky is on fire everyone knows it. Lane one through six. Its like someone took a paintbrush and dipped in pinks and lilacs and midnights, as you stand there in between sets and stare into those paint-strip clouds and wonder who the painter was that night. As you kick on your back toward... Continue Reading →

The Heroes of Legend Character Tag

Welcome to tag #1,426 that I dint know I was nominated for into until I was cleaning out my wayyy messy email inbox. XD Anyway, today I bring you the Heroes of Legend character tag (in case you decided not to read the title for some odd reason. XD}. I'm really excited for this one.... Continue Reading →


One day, we come across something that stills our breath. Our eyes land upon it and all of a sudden all those secret thoughts of space and art and song that we harbored in our dreams of looking up at the moon flood back into our minds. We find something we love is mentioned and... Continue Reading →

#BloggerCheckIn April 2O19

Ah, April. It finally freezes for the last time and the weather finally gives way to Rain. In all honestly though, we have not had much rain lately. It must be waiting until July so it can thunderstorm alllll our swim meets away. 😉 Its been beautiful weather where I am. I love this kind... Continue Reading →

Randoms Trilogy Book Review

Okay, so, disclaimer. These books came out a year apart and I read them about as such, so my memories of the first two books aren't the most perfect in the world, but I didn't want to go back and re~read them just for the sake of this review. ALSO the views in the post... Continue Reading →

Cyber, One Of My Camp NaNoWriMo projects

As a writer, my brain is never short on useless story ideas. But sometimes, those ideas actually turn out to be something interesting. Over the past month of writing sadness, I have come up with four story ideas. Two I haven't touched, one I started outlining and them stopped, and one... One is Cyber. Cyber... Continue Reading →

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