What Are Words?

And today, this Tuesday of December, I bring to you definitely not something I wanted for NaNo season... the third installment of the "What Are _____"s series! Today I bring you one of my favourites: The one on words. Expressing the power of words using words, this is bound to be some adventure. *wipes forehead*  ************* And... Continue Reading →


A NaNoWriMo Story (My November Conclusion)

Woot woot! NaNoooo! Yeah, I'm not doing quite so well, haha. Whoops. But I made it to about 14,000, which I'm pretty proud of considering the business of the month for my family.  About two weeks into NaNo, I came up with the idea for a new story idea. I would love to post an... Continue Reading →


What does it feel like" you wonder "To the hear the words "Your (precious family member) has cancer?" It's awful. It's miserable. It makes you feel like there's this big black hole nestled under your ribcage. It makes an exaustiing day even more tiring, for there is almost nothing worst than hearing the word 'cancer'. It... Continue Reading →

Interview With the Blogger

Okay, so. I saw some other cool blogger people do this. I think it was a originally a tag? I honestly don't know. But I liked it, so we're going to do that. Woo. 😀 Also, thank you to Autumn at Scribes & Archers for being my interviewer. I know, I talk a lot about... Continue Reading →

The Marvelous Music Tag

So. Autumn is crediting me with this one, but she's the one who started the tag of musical goodness that I was tagged to do. So, thanks Autumn! This is my first tag, so that's exciting! ^-^ Here are this tag's rules: Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog. Share... Continue Reading →

November November November!

Welcome, this our eleventh month of the year 2018! ;D With the start of the new month brings the end of Preptober and the beginning of the main event itself *do dododo dooooo* Nanowrimo! 😀 My current wordcount? 1,000. *facepalms* I know I know. D: And we're already 5 days in! I'll try and keep... Continue Reading →

What Are Dreams…

Per Syberyah's request, the next installment in the What are ____s series! Today, we visit dreams. ^-^ I remember when I wrote this one too. Ahhh, how lovely are the days when you get to visit family and then get insulted by your father in font of them. Ahh, yes. Anyway. Dreams. ^-^ (A million dreams... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk.4 Day 6

It's the last day, can you believe it? D: I have had so much fun with the prompts this month, and this week especially. I don't know if I'm sufficiently prepped for Nanowrimo (I don't think I ever will be Lol) but I had had a blast and that's what counts, right? I can't wait... Continue Reading →

Preptober Prompts Wk. 4 Day 5

I tugged on the stiff blue fabric of my dress as we walked up the long white staircase to the grand entrance of the castle. This was the fanciest thing I'd put on yet, but Peony insisted. With her big, pleading eyes she had insisted. What could I do but give in? My still-thin figure... Continue Reading →

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